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Bone confident children, 2-3 years old will show

Parents find early to cultivate early

By Shi WeiPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

As the saying goes: "Three years old is old, seven years old is old" Every parent wants their child to be sunny and cheerful and confident, but the child is small and the parents cannot feel it very clearly.

According to statistics, two to three years old children have the initial performance, if parents find early to be able to early training, the child can be very good.

Confident children

From a young age, there are these 4 characteristics

Dare to explore

Some children are curious about things, but they are afraid of failure, so they are always in place, and even want to wait for the fruits of other people's labor, this type of child can be said to be not confident.

Some children are willing to explore new things and are not afraid of failure, which means that they are extremely confident inside, and these children are more likely to succeed in the future.


Strong independence

Confident children, from an early age, have strong independence, they do not rely on their parents for everything, like other children.

They do not rely on their parents for everything, like other children. These children do what they can do on their own, leaving seeking help from their parents for last.

Because they believe they will be able to do it well, and will not easily back down when they encounter difficulties. If your child has this characteristic, congratulations, it means he is very independent and confident.

They will cheer themselves up

Children are limited in their ability to do a thing, there will inevitably be difficulties and failures.

Some children as soon as they encounter difficulties, think of seeking help from others or give up, this kind of child still lacks that resilience and self-confidence.

But some children encounter difficulties, but will not give up, and they will even cheer themselves up and say some self-encouraging words. This kind of child, inside is very confident, if your child has this characteristic, really great.

Courage to face

Dare to face is a positive state of life, dare to face the child is also confident inside, in the occurrence of a thing will not think of escape, will not think about this thing bringing their trouble, such confidence will let the child do anything in the future are more likely to succeed.

Confident children will shine

A few effective ways to cultivate your child's self-confidence

Do not compare yourself with others

For children, teachers and parents are the skies, and if they all think they can't do it, then the child will think he or she can't. So, when you can't help comparing your child with others, make sure you keep your mouth shut.

Do not praise too much

Children who grow up with praise will be dependent on it and it will gradually become a motivation for their behavior.

When you arrive at a new environment where there are many good children, your child's self-confidence will immediately collapse when he or she realizes that he or she is no match for others. Therefore, parents should not praise their children too much in their daily lives and pay attention to developing their children's resistance to setbacks.

Do your own thing

When children are two or three years old, it is a critical period to build self-confidence and "I can do it".

If you get your clothes dirty from eating, your mother will do it; if you twist a button, your mother will do it; if you walk too slowly, your mother will hold you ......

The adult is superhuman, but he or she is also telling the child that you can't do it.

The child will gradually be afraid to try and think they can not do anything.

So, not taking over is also a way to protect your child's self-confidence, have a little more patience, stop and wait for your child, and believe that he can do better and better.

Respect your child's choice

Your child is an individual, not an appendage to us. This respect is reflected in the details of life.

Which fruit to eat, which color to wear, which picture book to read, is it up to you or up to your child? Trust them and believe in their choices.

When your child listens to you about everything, then the problem comes. In the child's subconscious mind, you planned my life, so you have to go on for me, and if it comes to that, what do we do?

Let children learn to bear the consequences of their choices

When children face the problem of choice, we can do is to give advice, and tell the child to choose A, and choosing B may meet the results, as long as the child after thinking, makes a judgment, then what is the regret?

In the face of the results, have the courage, confidence, and bottom... Learning to bear the consequences of choices is a necessary life lesson for your child.

Let children learn to express themselves

Children's emotions need to be responded to, and all we can do is encourage them to express their emotions authentically so that children can gain inner strength.

When a child cries, we subconsciously say, "Don't cry," without asking why the child is crying, which sends a signal to the child that crying is bad.

When a child is unhappy and has a temper tantrum over a small matter, an offhand remark like "don't be angry" will make the child think that it is bad to be angry.

You can't cry, you can't be angry, you can't be tired, you can't ...... all kinds of emotional release channels are blocked, your true self is getting weaker and weaker, and when you grow up, you will be afraid of being denied by others, you will not be confident.

Help children have specific dreams

Every child has their points of interest, such as painting, singing, dancing, playing the piano, etc. We can help our children to use their interests as a fulcrum to establish goals.

What we can do is make mental preconceptions for our children, for example, "Dancing will be tiring and hard, and you have to practice for at least an hour every day, so are you still willing to stick with it?" After talking about the problems you may encounter, the next step is to respect your child's choice.

With a choice, there is a goal; with a goal, there is the possibility of achieving the dream.

Help your child to have concrete dreams from an early age, to do things with purpose, to keep their feet on the ground, and to build confidence, brick by brick!


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