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"Grandma, why can she not stand in line"

Parents' answers influence their children's lifetime values

By Shi WeiPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Usually, many parents look at the academic knowledge of their children, but the upbringing of their children seems to be more important than academic knowledge. While academic knowledge can be improved with care, upbringing starts with the little things in life. Good quality can affect the child's interpersonal relationships, attitude, etc., and determine the child's character, along with the child's life.

Grandma with child

"Grandma, why does she get to skip the line?"

Grandma Chengcheng took Chengcheng to the supermarket. When she saw the good price of eggs, she took Chengcheng with her and lined up to buy eggs. In a short time, there was a long line. The salesperson said that this was a limited number of eggs and that those who were too far behind should not line up, as there were none left.

Grandma Chengcheng asked Chengcheng to count the number of eggs, and in their position, they were just able to "grab" the last one.

In the queue for a long time, Chengcheng's legs are standing sore, Chengcheng told his grandmother that he wanted to go to the toilet, and his grandmother also told Chengcheng to hold on a little longer, soon to line. Seeing that there were still three or four people in front of them, an old lady suddenly came and squeezed into the front of the line with a left arch and a right pout.

"Grandma, why can she not line up?" Chengcheng asked her grandmother angrily.

The old lady who cut in line bought eggs and said with a straight face, "I'm old, I'm over 80, I'm not well, and I have heart disease, you guys understand more, ha." The tone of voice was very strong, and she wanted others to understand.

Grandma touched Chengcheng's head and replied: "Humility is educated, you can discuss your difficulties with others, it is very rude to force others to 'understand'. Although there are such people, we have to have their upbringing, not because of her mistakes, and become her."

How to guide children's values correctly when such "unreasonable is justice" things happen around

Many parents want to raise their children to be complimentary, humble, and polite and do not encourage children to fight. However, this does not mean that other children will not fight. Once a child encounters such unreasonable, but also "justified" people, the usual education and values will begin to appear chaos, this violation of the rules, adults still can not accept, let alone children.

Many people want to make a big deal out of a big deal and don't think it's necessary to fight with others over the "little things" in life. At this time, parents are limited in their ability to change the person who broke the rules. However, the parents' words and actions are likely to become role models for their children to emulate in the future and play a very important role in the formation of their values.

As a parent, make your child understand that this practice is wrong and uneducated. Then we should make clear the attitude: other people's impoliteness, bad manners, and such behavior are their problems, but "we" still have to be educated. Although it is easy to be unreasonable and shameless, education and manners are the most valuable, although this is not what everyone can do, not because of the fault of others to change their principles and goodness.

Parents set an example for their children

"In addition to the genetic characteristics, the habits and character of parents are "inherited" by their children. Parents are the earliest teachers of their children, and the influence of the family of origin on children can be said to be subtle. If the parents have low morals, no manners, and no upbringing, it is difficult to raise a child with three normal views.

Although everyone is different and has different perceptions and values, it does not mean that these differences are correct. If parents want to raise children with good quality, they must strengthen their self-cultivation, read more, correct their wrong values, and set a benchmark for their children with their quality and connotation.

From the smallest details of life, in getting along with the child, to be felt out by the child, even if they encounter aggression, but also to instill the right values to the child, only by example, in the education of the child, the child will be convinced to grow in the direction of the sun.

How to establish the right values

In real life, some parents are recognized as good people, but their children "don't buy it". There are many examples of children going in the opposite direction. This has a lot to do with the patience of parents in guiding and accompanying their children.

In the process of growth, children will inevitably produce a lot of small branches that need to be pruned, parents should communicate more with their children in the process of growth, if they encounter problems, parents should promptly correct, and make positive guidance, and encounter the "negative" in life to promptly point out the error, and with the "negative" so that children know how to use the "negative". The "negative teaching materials" let children know what is the bottom line, and what is the code. These two factors determine the pattern and height of the child.

Everyone's family education and upbringing are different, so the quality of growing up will be different, when encountering bad quality "counter-examples" also timely let the child understand that this behavior is not correct so that the child understands that the long road of life to determine the position is not domineering, but self-discipline and cultivation.


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