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Mother Day confession.

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.”

By Kamran Mehmood Published 2 years ago 3 min read

You are my hero, my inspiration. You brought me into this world and put my needs first, even when times were tough. I've been looking for a role model my whole life, but I never imagined it would be you — it took me so long to discover that!

I'll never forget how you spent countless nights while I was sick, never leaving my side. When I received the highest grade in class, I recall how proud you were of me. Only because of your unwavering support and encouragement have I been able to attain success in life.

Thank you for believing in me, Mommy. You motivated me to work harder, and as a result, I was able to accomplish what seemed impossible. To earn a mother like you, I must have done something extraordinary in my past life. I am grateful to the Lord for providing me with an angel in human form. I love you more than anybody else on the planet.

When I did something wrong, you stand by me and protect me from papa's punishment, always arguing with him on my behalf and covering all my mistakes; when you find me dirty and take me to the bath while I'm crying, you forcefully wash me with cloth soap and gently remove all my dirt with a hard stone.

That day, I remembered when I first fasted in Ramadan and your love didn't allow you to watch me hungry and thirsty the entire day and you force me to break my fast; when my teeth hurt all winter nights and I knew we both couldn't sleep because I was in agony and you were in love; and when I lay my head on your lap.

You were overjoyed in the entire family after I graduated from high school; you fulfilled our small dreams in every way possible, and you were delighted every time we received something. You stayed hungry but fed us, you stayed in old clothes but bought us new ones, and you stayed barefoot but put shoes on us.

Even though I am married now, you constantly ask whether I eat meals, you bring clothing for festivals even though I can buy them, you buy shoes for special events, and you always treat me like a 3- or 4-year-old child, which I love.

Mom, I accept that you know all there is to know about me, but I did something that I kept hidden from you for the last few days, and today, on this particular day, I want to admit my blunder and give you the complete story.

Dear Mom,

You are the first lady I have ever met, and I adore you. I am delighted to be your son. Thanks to you and Papa, I had a wonderful childhood. You both showed me a lot of love and care. You made sure I understood where I went wrong and learned the lesson, even if you had to save me from Papa's anger on occasion.

I'm very sorry, Mom! I'd want to inform you that I've been smoking for the last two years, but you were unaware of this. Dear Mom, I began smoking with my clog friends when our examinations began and we were in a hostel. From then on, I smoked regularly but kept it hidden from you and you were never aware of it.

I'm really disappointed, and I acknowledge that as a wonderful mother like you, I don't deserve this, therefore I'm quite sad, and today, on this beautiful occasion, I mustered the confidence to tell you everything.

My dear mother, I am going to announce that I am no longer smoking and that I will never do so again in my life.

I hope you will accept my apologies and forgive me for my previous blunder like you did in my childhood.

You were the one who showed me the distinction between right and wrong. Even at my lowest moments, you have made me feel cherished. Thank you does not begin to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. Mom, I will always love you.

Your mischievous son,


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Comments (1)

  • Aisha Mohammad2 years ago

    Sweet and nice story thanks for sharing. I am happy that you had a happy childhood and not complaining that it was not good enough as many people seem to do:)

Kamran Mehmood Written by Kamran Mehmood

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