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Me and the two lives I grew up with

Me and the two lives I grew up with

By DEMETRI ATKINSPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

I have a good friend who I grew up with, and it's safe to say that we were family friends. We have a lot of ancestry, because her grandmother was my grandpa's crush (don't tell my dad about it), so her dad and my dad grew up together. Our father grew up and married a wife and had children at about the same time, so she and I were born within half a year of each other. We were both girls, so we grew up young.

We spent all day together in the dark days of childhood, either I was looking for her, or she was looking for me. She looked for me most of the time, because my house is big, more children, she only one brother, young, still do not know the girls play house that set, only know to rely on her mother's arms dripping nose. We were all ashamed of her little brother's behavior, and she was ashamed of it and didn't want to talk much about it.

What we used to do then was to scrounger for food, as if we were all born with an enormous stomach and a sensitive nose, capable of filling any number of things without limit, and of tracking them down to find edible things hidden here and there: Black gum, mulberry, wild sour grapes, sweet grass roots, mushrooms (water chestnuts), and even young cucumbers with small yellow flowers in the garden, often get into our bellies before they grow up.

I also led my childhood and sister-in-law secretly to my grandmother pickled those bitter gourd dried, dried pickled vegetables, salt beans are poured out to eat all clean - those things are usually my grandmother left to return home aunt's cousin cousin to eat snacks, the old man's biased eye can be seen. Sometimes Grandma would graciously give us her collection to eat, but the pickles were usually so moldy that it was impossible to eat them. If we don't eat, grandma will nag: "If you don't eat such good food, what do you want to eat? !"

So we mixed to five or six years old, we were a mother stuffed a bag, sent to the primary school. My family is a little better off than mine, so her school bag is the kind of artificial leather bought on the street, which looks very dazzling, while my family, because of the number of children, is not so rich, only got a mother with scraps of cloth temporary sewing school bag and a promise to buy a "leather" school bag. To this end, I had to work hard, the final exam double hundred to get a "leather" school bag, grow up, I always suspected that my initial motivation to learn just from a leatherette school bag.

My grades in primary school have been very good, and precocious, because parents discipline is very strict, poor test had to "bamboo shoots fried meat" to wait on, rather than butt eat pain, I had to keep moving forward, forward. When I was a child, her parents were not very enthusiastic about her study, so she was always in the middle, the middle of the lower, and finally to the end of junior high school, her grades have fallen to the bottom.

As both of our families got richer, our fathers each seemed to find the way to make money and started buying land and building big houses. Both of us built three-story houses at the same time. My son and I each got our own room. Our parents even spruced up the house at the same time by buying some of the most fashionable built-ups at the time.

It was the late 1980s when we graduated from junior high school. Our fortunes diverged and we took different paths. When junior high school graduation everyone's most popular target is not high school, but technical secondary school, technical score line to far exceed high school. Everyone is keen on the examination of technical secondary school, because as long as the technical secondary school, it means out of the rural heavy labor, have a resident registration, in addition to a state package distribution of work. Many of my classmates have been admitted to the secondary school, but I accidentally failed, I only admitted to a local high school. I didn't get into elementary school either, but her father was rich enough to buy her a place on a commission and send her to health school -- where she could become a nurse after graduation.

My father also gave me a lot of ideas, including asking me to apply for the music student, who was not good at music, so that if I was admitted, I could lose 60 points. My father also spent 8,000 yuan to buy me a household registration (it turned out that the popular household registration trade at that time was completely a big scam designed by the county government, taking advantage of farmers' superstitious mentality towards residential households, so that farmers who did not understand the policy would pay to buy the so-called residential households, which would be useless after two or three years). So that I could go to the technical school that only residential kids could go to. Oddly enough, I failed both of these exams, so I had to accept my fate and go to high school honestly.

By the time I graduated from high school, fate had played a big joke on all of us in its own way: the diploma of technical secondary school was no longer in demand, and the state was no longer assigned. When I was growing up, I also faced the worry of unemployment upon graduation. So her father paid for her to work in our town hospital again, at great cost of course, but she was finally on her way. And I, after three years of hard study admitted to the university, and stayed in Beijing to work. Our lives will never be the same again. When I was a sophomore, she married the son of her father's business partner. I heard that during the wedding, her husband's family did not buy her "three gold" (gold necklace, gold earrings, gold rings), so she refused to get into the car. In fact, her husband's family was right across from her. I was surprised to hear the news. When did she become like this? In my impression, she was still the girl with a hearty smile. When I saw her again, I was surprised by her tall and strong figure. I was not prepared at all. After high school, we have no contact, because we are both very busy, busy is second, mainly can not find words. After she got married, I listened to her stories as if I were a stranger. When she gave birth to a daughter, her in-laws were not satisfied with her birth. However, because she was a public servant, her in-laws tried to make her resign.

I didn't have a baby for another five years after college, when her kids were already in elementary school. We had gone down completely different paths, and we had nothing to say except small talk, so we had to laugh. That slightly astringent smile has been in my heart.


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