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What is MAD Love 11:33? Well, it's not so simple to explain. You see, it started the very moment I entered this world. Some would say that you enter this world the moment you are born, but I believe it is from the very moment you are formed in the womb. Either way this story's quite interesting no matter where you begin, but we’ll go ahead and start from the jump. Why leave out any of this madness (state of frenzied or chaotic activity)?

My mother threatened miscarriage the whole time she was pregnant with me. I mean, she says that it was so bad that most times she thought she had lost me, only to be reassured that I was still there intact and developing just fine. This went off from very early in the pregnancy well through delivery which wasn't any less dramatic. My father drove or shall I say sped like a mad man trying to get my mother to the hospital so that he didn't have to deliver me himself. They made it just in time... for me to be born in the hallway! Barely making it out of the elevator, I made my debut in the hallway of Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, Tx weighing 5 lbs 15 ounces and the magic number 11 (5+1+5).

So now that I'd been born, and the question of boy or girl had been solved it was time for naming. The entire time my mother had been pregnant they did not know the sex, and names were obviously not considered because my father named me Jennifer Kaye Flores after my mom. Well, while he thought this was a good idea my mom did not, and my name was changed to Jenny Kaye Flores, since mom said girls can't be juniors. I guess she did not realize that by changing my name to Jenny she was literally making me a junior in the most feminine way possible, and as the years went by it would most definitely show.

They took me home, and although mom was excited about finally having the daughter she always wanted, she still had 2 sons to take care of and Christmas was less than 2 weeks away. With hardly any gifts under the tree, and time winding down my grandmother offered to watch me so mom could do some shopping. That day, my grandmother noticed something strange about my behavior. After eating I would not spit up like a normal baby, instead I would vomit quite forcefully. She mentioned It to my mom, although she really didn’t know what to think of it.

A few weeks passed, and it got so bad mom became scared to take me out of the house. One Sunday while we were in church, I threw up on the back of an old lady’s head. Now, if that isn’t total madness! My mom was so embarrassed, I don’t think she took me out the house again. Except for the hospital, where she took numerous trips. They could never tell her what the problem was, and eventually I became so frail that I had to remain in the hospital. Not able to keep any food down, it was starting to look hopeless.

My parents were devastated. They finally had the daughter they wanted, after a horrendous pregnancy, my mother got her baby girl. How could this be? The doctors had to know something. My father, a very religious man, had faith, and tried to keep my mother from worrying. My grandmother, a nurse at the time, went deep into her medical books until she found the problem. She wrote a note, gave it to my mom, and told her to get it to the doctors right away. I had pyloric stenosis, a very rare disorder at the time. The doctor’s scheduled an emergency surgery, and the rest is history.

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Jenny Flores
Jenny Flores
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