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Kids logic sometimes doesn't make sense... Or does it?!

Kids are really sweet and innocent, they look at the world for different angles. Are they right?!

By DoryPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Kids logic sometimes doesn't make sense... Or does it?!
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I know, this is unexpected to use "logic" and "not make sense" into the same sentence, but hear me out. I have been working with kids for years, good couple of years and this is a weird, sometimes a funny issue for me. Sometimes when I hear some of their funny clap backs, I`m like "haha... that was cute/smart/amazing!" and other times I`m like "Wait... when was this a good idea?! or Can I even win this fight?!"

I`m sharing these stories with you, just to put a smile on your face. :) Kids are great, but sometimes really funny how they think about the world. Let me tell you what I mean...These are just my favourite ones, but many many other conversations like these have happened during my career.

Story #1, I was looking after 2 boys and one of them came up to me.

Kid: I`m bored.

Me: Ok, let`s play Jenga. That`s fun. :)

Kid: I don`t want to. (Then the kid goes off to play with jenga)

Story #2, Older kid annoys the younger.

Me: Are you trying to annoy your brother?

Kid: Yeeeeees.

Me: Why?


Me: Do you like it when he does the same?

Kid: Nooooooo

Me: Then why are you doing it to him?


Story #3, Can`t win situation. (One of the kid asked me for ideas, what to play)

I give the kid 2 options = Not enough

I give the kid 5 options = Tooooooo many

Can`t win, can I ?!

I know, all these short conversations are pretty typical for young kids, but I think these were pretty funny. Many times my only thought is "Why am I even trying to win this fight with you?!" The other thing is that, sometimes as adults we have the same thought process, don`t we?! We do the things we put our mind into, you know... the just because mentality. We all know that we have all been there. Don`t even try to deny it!

From the 2nd story, we all do the "Meh... I don`t know!". I know, I do it all the time... Sometimes things only make sense in my head, but when I put them into action, they don`t anymore. And if someone asks me about it, it does`t even make sense in my head anymore.

Or the time when nothing is enough good, when even the lemon is tasteless to us... Oh dear... Don`t even get me started on that...

Many people told me before, that adults are just big kids. It`s not just because we play with bigger and more expensive toys, just like sport cars and huge dollhouses,... But we often think just like them as well, we make the same mistakes,... We would think that growing up also means that we learn from our mistakes and we fixed our attitude, but is it true?!

Some might, but many didn`t. That child in our heart still lives in there. It still gets hurt just like it used to when we were young. So let`s keep that child awake, not just when we need to be sassy or when we are hurt. Let`s keep it when we need to have fun, when we love and care for someone. Let`s be pure in heart, just like the kids, with no judgement, with no hate.


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