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Inside The Absurd Death of Kansas City Chiefs Fans

A Mind-boggling Story

By Rare StoriesPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

What could have caused their deaths? Were they killed? Was it the 'Chemist'? These are the questions that are yet to be answered when it comes to the story of the tragic death of three Kansas City Chiefs fans.

The Beginning

On January 9, 2024, three fans of the Kansas City Chiefs were found dead in the backyard of one of their friends. The trio, Ricky Johnson, David Harrington, and Clayton McGeeney, had visited the home of Jordan Willis to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers on January 7.

Two days later when the men failed to return home, McGeeney’s fiancé went to Willis' home to look for him, but when she came to the property she met a heartbreaking scene. She found him dead on Willis' back porch. She quickly called the Kansas City Police Department. When the officers arrived at the location, they made a further discovery- two more dead bodies in the backyard.

The Men

The three dead men, Johnson, Harrington, and McGeeney, were friends from high school, and avid Chiefs fans. They always posted pictures of themselves on social media. Johnson was 38 years old when he died while Harrington and McGeeney were 37 and 36 respectively.

Johnson managed his father's construction business, Johnson's Constructions. He was a father of three girls aged 14,9 and 4.

Willis has not made any official statement since the discovery of the bodies, but according to his lawyer, John Picerno, Willis was sleeping in his room throughout the two days and left his room sporadically. So, he had no idea that three of his friends lay dead in his rented apartment.

Ricky Johnson Jr.

What happened to the three men is yet to be unraveled, but a toxicology report showed that the men had some substances in their system before they passed. The report showed that the men had THC, cocaine, and lethal levels of fentanyl in their systems.

The house where the men were found dead

People close to the men have expressed their beliefs that Willis must have a hand in the demise of the men. Willis works as an HIV scientist, and is known as "the Chemist."

According to Caleb McGeeney, "all [Willis’] friends knew him as “the chemist.” from his high school days. “Jordan’s the chemist,’ bro. Jordan’s ‘the chemist,'” It was easy for them to go have fun, but he f—ed up, he made a mistake.” He said.

Clayton McGeeney

According to another source, Willis was never referred to by that name, the source stated, “He’s a computational data scientist for HIV vaccine research. His work is solely on computers and he works from home.”

The source berated those who misinterpreted Willis' job and used it against him. It also talked about Willis' military family background, claiming that his parents would have found out and intervened if he was the chemist, making drugs from his high school days.

HIV scientist Jordan Willis, 38

The Kansas City Police Department has stated that there is no evidence of foul play in the death of the men. They clearly stated that the deaths are "100 percent not being investigated as a homicide."

Even though the police have made the above statement, there are still questions that people seek answers to. People question how possible is it for Willis to be in his home for two days and not know that three of his closest friends lay dead in the same apartment.

Soon after the bodies of his three friends were found in his home, Willis checked himself into a rehab facility.

Another source stated that Willis struggled with alcohol and depression throughout his adult life, but when he was pursuing his post-doctorate program in San Diego, he seemed to have overcome his addictions. Sadly, when he moved back to Kansas City to attend to his sick father, his old habits slowly crept into his life once again. The source indicated.

A lot of questions remain unanswered and we wait for the truth to unveil.

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