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I’ll Be Your Family If Your Real One Sucks

Don’t Feel Lonely if Racist or Bigoted Relatives Let You Down

By Jason ProvencioPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

This picture of me was taken during the 2021 Boise Pride event. My Bride found shirts online prior to the event that offered free Mom and Dad hugs from us for anyone needing them. We were glad to give each and every one that we did.

Many LGBTQ citizens are estranged from their family members. The suicide rate for LGBTQ teens and young adults is 50% higher than for straight people. So many of these poor kids are rejected by extended family and friends when they come out.

Some are even thrown away by their own parents. Tossed out like garbage, to the curb.

Religion is one of the biggest reasons that this happens. So many parents choose a fairytale, made-up fictional story over their own flesh and blood. Nothing makes you a bigger failure in life than rejecting your own child because of their sexual orientation.

It should not matter in the least who they choose to love. Your ignorance, bigotry, and hatred will not get you into Heaven if there even is such a place.

My heart breaks for these children and young adults. My wonderful daughter has had the support of all her parents and step-parents since the day she came out as a lesbian, shortly before her 13th birthday. She was blessed to have four caring, liberal, accepting parents to love and support her.

And guess what? She still cried when she came out.

That’s how scary and traumatizing it can be to hide your sexual orientation. To feel uncomfortable and fearful that your own parents may reject you or think less of you is terrifying. She cried at the dinner table over at her mother’s house and then did the same at our home after that.

We all told her that there was nothing to be ashamed of or scared of. That we all loved her and accepted her for exactly who she was. She calmed down quickly and knew that her parents and siblings meant every word of what they said.

She also knew that her Italian father would never tolerate any disrespect or bullshit from anyone regarding his daughter’s sexual orientation. She knows that there would be a pissed-off, five-foot-eleven, 225 lb. ball of fury in her corner if the shit ever went down. I hope she always feels protected and safe.

And that’s my message to all of you. You too can have those dad vibes in your corner. You are not alone in this fucked-up, hateful world we sometimes find ourselves in. I’ve got your back.

And not just for protection, either. I’ve never had to play the loud, aggressive, defensive Dad-card yet. I think that most people would think twice to say something ignorant to my gay daughter who I love more than anything in the world. I don’t want it to come to that. But don’t doubt for a second that it could.

I’d much rather be a support system for others within the LGBTQ community that I hold so near and dear to my heart. If I see you at a Pride event, you better believe that I have a big Dad-hug for you. My kids agree that I give the best hugs. I’m proud and happy to give you one, too.

I know what it’s like to feel let down by parents. I’ve had relatives who have disappointed me with their cruel, selfish, thoughtless actions and words. You better believe that you are not alone in this world, even if you come from a religious or politically ignorant family who have all written you off.

My family and I care about you. We love and accept you. We’re probably a million times cooler than your lame bigoted family any damn way. We’ve got you.

We always have a great time. We joke about everything. We don’t mind letting a few curse words fly or talking about things that most other people would be uncomfortable about. Perhaps you’ve noticed a bit of this vibe here on Medium, through reading my writing.

If you are a writer, The Godfather of Medium welcomes you to the family. We have the best group of human beings as part of our Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs family.

I’d like to personally invite you to join us as a staff writer for our publication. I’d also love to see you in our BBB Discord Server. We have so much fun there and we always have each others’ backs.

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