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Hua Mulan,the female hero who joint the army taking her elderly father's place

female also share half of the sky.

By David cenPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, in ancient China, there was a girl named Mulan. She lived with her parents in a small village and had two older brothers. Mulan was a curious and adventurous girl who loved to explore the countryside and practice martial arts. She was also kind-hearted and compassionate, often helping her neighbors with their chores.

One day, a messenger from the emperor's palace arrived in Mulan's village, announcing that every family in the kingdom must send one male member to join the army and defend the country against the invading Rouran army. Mulan's father, who was old and sickly, was the only male member of the family, and he knew he wouldn't survive the harsh conditions of the army. Mulan's brothers were both already married and had children, so they couldn't go either.

Mulan knew that someone had to go in her father's place, and she made a decision. She cut her hair and dressed like a man, pretending to be her father's son. She then set out on a long journey to the army camp, where she hoped to convince the commander to let her join the army.

When she arrived at the camp, Mulan was put through rigorous physical training and combat exercises. She struggled at first, but her determination and quick learning soon impressed the other soldiers and the commander. Mulan made friends with some of the other soldiers, including a young man named Li Shang, who was the son of the commander.

As the days went by, Mulan improved her combat skills and became a skilled fighter. However, she struggled to hide her true identity and often found herself in awkward situations. One day, when she was bathing in the river with the other soldiers, she was discovered to be a woman.

The other soldiers were shocked and angry at Mulan for deceiving them, but Li Shang defended her and convinced the commander to let her stay. Mulan was grateful to Li Shang and they became good friends.

One day, the army was ambushed by the Rouran army, and Mulan and her fellow soldiers were forced to fight for their lives. Mulan showed great bravery and skill in the battle, and she and Li Shang fought side by side.

After the battle, the commander realized that Mulan was a true hero and offered her a position in the imperial court. Mulan declined the offer, however, and asked to be allowed to return home to her family.

When Mulan returned home, her family was overjoyed to see her. They were amazed to hear about her adventures in the army and proud of her bravery and dedication. Mulan's father, who had been ill, was now healthy and happy to see his daughter again.

Mulan's story became famous throughout the kingdom, and she became a symbol of courage and honor. She had proven that women could be just as brave and capable as men, and her story inspired generations of people to follow their dreams and fight for what they believed in.

"Mulan, you have brought great honor to your family and your country," said Li Shang, as they said goodbye.

"I did what I had to do," Mulan replied with a smile. "I couldn't let my father go to war and die. It was my duty as a daughter and a citizen to fight for my country."

"You are a true hero, Mulan," Li Shang said, bowing to her in respect.

Mulan smiled and waved goodbye, as she rode off into the sunset, her heart filled with pride and happiness.

There is a film in China for Mulan and another film produced by USA,you can have view to compare.

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Share Chinese Sory,which you never heard before.China has 5000 years history and it is A kingdom of artifacts.Such as Chinese Kongfu,Qigong etc.

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