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Sory of Bao Lian Deng,a mother and her son

Old folk story that move all people

By David cenPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Bao Lian Deng

The story of "宝莲灯" (Bao Lian Deng) is a famous Chinese legend that tells the tale of a young boy named Chenxiang and his quest to find his mother. Here is the story of "Bao Lian Deng" with lots of dialogues:

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Chenxiang who lived in a small village with his father. His mother had disappeared when he was very young, and he longed to find her.

One day, Chenxiang's father told him the story of the magic lotus lantern. He said, "There is a magical lantern that can grant wishes. It is said that whoever possesses the lantern will have their wish come true."

Chenxiang was intrigued and asked, "Where can I find this lantern?"

His father replied, "It is said that the lantern is hidden in the palace of the Dragon King. But it is guarded by powerful dragons and other creatures. It will not be easy to find."

Chenxiang was determined to find the lantern and use it to find his mother. He set out on a long journey to the palace of the Dragon King.

Along the way, Chenxiang met many challenges and obstacles. He had to cross treacherous mountains and raging rivers, fight off fierce beasts and monsters, and survive dangerous storms and floods.

But Chenxiang persevered and finally reached the palace of the Dragon King. He approached the palace gates and saw two fierce dragons guarding the entrance.

One of the dragons said, "Who are you, and what do you want?"

Chenxiang replied, "I am Chenxiang, and I am looking for the magic lotus lantern. I need it to find my mother."

The dragons laughed and said, "You are just a small boy. How can you hope to find the lantern? It is well-guarded and protected by powerful magic."

Chenxiang was not discouraged. He said, "I will not give up. I will find the lantern no matter what."

The dragons were impressed by Chenxiang's bravery and determination. They decided to help him and led him to the palace of the Dragon King.

Inside the palace, Chenxiang saw many wonders and marvels. He saw giant pearls and precious gems, golden statues and silver carvings, and many other treasures of the sea.

But Chenxiang's attention was focused on the magic lotus lantern. He searched high and low for it, but he could not find it.

Finally, he met the Dragon King himself. The Dragon King asked, "Why are you here, Chenxiang?"

Chenxiang replied, "I am here to find the magic lotus lantern. I need it to find my mother."

The Dragon King said, "I am sorry, but the lantern is not for mortal hands. It is too powerful and too dangerous. I cannot let you have it."

Chenxiang was disappointed but refused to give up. He said, "Please, Dragon King. I need the lantern to find my mother. I will use it wisely and not abuse its power."

The Dragon King was moved by Chenxiang's sincerity and compassion. He said, "Very well, Chenxiang. You may have the lantern. But be warned, its power is great, and its magic is unpredictable. Use it wisely and with caution."

Chenxiang was overjoyed and thanked the Dragon King. He took the magic lotus lantern and set out on his journey again.

Along the way, Chenxiang encountered many more challenges and obstacles. He had to navigate through dark forests and treacherous swamps, avoid deadly traps and snares, and defeat powerful demons and evil spirits.

But with the help of the magic lotus lantern, Chenxiang was able to overcome all his obstacles and finally found his mother.

She was living in a small hut deep in the forest, and she was overjoyed to see her son again. She said, "Chenxiang, my son. You have come so far to find me. I am proud of you."

Chenxiang was happy to be reunited with his mother and thanked the magic lotus lantern for his success. He said, "Thank you, lantern. You have helped me find my mother, and for that, I am forever grateful."

The story of "Bao Lian Deng" teaches us the importance of perseverance, determination, and compassion. It reminds us that with hard work and a strong will, we can overcome even the greatest challenges and obstacles in our lives. And it also shows us the power of love and the bond between a mother and her child, which can overcome all obstacles and trials.

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Share Chinese Sory,which you never heard before.China has 5000 years history and it is A kingdom of artifacts.Such as Chinese Kongfu,Qigong etc.

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