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How Does the Caste System Affect Lives in Asia?

Exploring challenges and the path to equality

By Ameer BibiPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 4 min read
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I watched a funny video clip on YouTube about the caste system, and everyone enjoyed it. But when I compared this situation with real life, it was one of the worst enemies of human societies, and interestingly, this unseen challenge has been deeply rooted in our beliefs and has become an essential part of our lives.

Being a Muslim, I believe that Allah initially created all human beings from Hazrat Adam (AS). And any human being has no superiority over others as per color, race and region of belongings. They are all equal, except the best are only those who are good in deeds and manners.

Still, in this digital era, people are hereditarily divided into hierarchical groups based on occupation, wealth status, and superiority complexes of the caste system. For Instance, in Southeast Asia, there are Jatt ot Jutt, Arian, Gujjar, Mallak, Rajpoot, Awan, Baloch, and Butt etc.

Even within this division of one caste, there are further subdivisions. For example in Jatt , there are Sandhu, Warraich, gill, randhawa and .......so on.

On the other hand, we are becoming advanced in technology, while our brain is shrinking towards acceptance of people from other castes. People of one caste are not ready to accept for making close relations with human beings from another cast.

Based upon my observation and some research, I will discuss some significant and practical constraints of the caste system and how those constraints reflect in the lives of people and their families. It has becoming a pertinent issue in many aspects. Some of these are discussed below.

Marriage Restrictions: One big issue about the caste system is that it can affect how someone chooses a life partner. It is one of the hard and fast rules for some families only to be able to marry within only their caste. And unfortunately I saw many boys and girls who could not find their appropriate match in their castes, so they did not get marry and spent their lives as dependent on other family members (specially girls).

This limitation not only hampers personal freedom, but it also adds to mental health problems. Interestingly, some families allow boys to marry outside of their caste but are very stringent about girls doing the same. They can burry a full-blown life but won't permit her to marry a boy who is not compatible with their family.

Unequal Treatment: The caste system creates a system of distinction in which certain castes are considered better than others. As a result, people from lower classes may be mistreated. Individuals may not reach their full potential if resources like jobs, education, and fundamental rights are distributed unequally.

Limited Career Options: Caste determines work options in this society. This means your goals and talents may only partially be achieved. Someone limits your creativity and potential, telling you what you can and cannot become. Because you are not born to that specific caste who rules and give instructions.

Hard to Move Up in Society: Those born into lower castes have more difficulty climbing the social ladder. It becomes difficult for them to escape societal constraints. And I am witnessed of many who got inferiority complex since their childhood.

For instance, if some one from lower caste like Machi (fishermen), get higher education and got good position in administration or any other social position. He would not get that respect which a Jatt can get. Similarly, people have some stupid believes attached with castes, such as their forefathers were machis so they have smelly body and home like fishes do.

It’s Not All About Talent: Sometimes, a person’s qualities and skills go unnoticed due to the caste system. Instead of focusing on an individual’s skills and abilities, it prioritizes their social standing. The best candidates for a position or an opening could be overlooked.

Division Among People: Despite its original intention of organizing society, the caste system can give rise to conflicts and problems within communities. People from the same caste often compete, making working together and staying united difficult.

While we cannot deny the caste system’s cultural and historical relevance, we must also be honest about the problems it causes. We must think about how to fix the marriage rules, end discrimination, and break down other hurdles to advancement in our lives and society — promoting a more peaceful way of life as our community changes is essential to promote equality, acceptance, and cooperation.

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Ameer Bibi


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  • Ahsan Ahmadabout a month ago


  • Darkosabout a month ago

    I so agree with You, unfortunately, it does exist everywhere and destroys the human-to-human connection! As You also mentioned people are easy to make fun and jokes about real issues but they are not mature enough to face these problems in real life and find solutions especially when one is telling the truth from their real-life experience! You are brave! Your writings bring hope!

  • Kamran Zikariaabout a month ago

    Nice work, Very well written. Keep up the good work!

  • Kamran Zikariaabout a month ago


  • Shirley Belkabout a month ago

    I really never knew there was so many different caste systems and the terrible divisions they cause. Terrible societal norms.

  • The Dani Writerabout a month ago

    Ameer Bibi I am so glad that you wrote this story! It gives pause and cause to reflect on how this shame can be eradicated, not just with caste, but with so many other detrimental systems in many societies all over the world that stifle individual and collective greatness. It is really silly when we as divine beings enact laws/policy/regulations etc., to limit ourselves that are simply a means of control--for WHAT?! Like seriously! "Ooh someone is gonna use up all the greatness and there won't be any left over!" This is insanity and the limited thinking of a fruit fly. It has to stop. We can stop this. We have to stop this.

  • Mika Okaabout a month ago

    It's sad to know when this still exist

  • Ammad Alviabout a month ago

    If you want to improve society, you'll have to dismantle this system.

  • Farah Nazabout a month ago

    Caste system develops complex issue ... It should be vanished from our society..

  • muniba shafiqabout a month ago

    I am totally against to caste system. Every human has equal rights to live. 😊

  • Awais Bhuttahabout a month ago

    Now it's time to come out of this dumb caste culture. Never underestimate anyone due to caste .

  • Muhammad Wasifabout a month ago

    Great post! The caste system is a complex issue that can limit opportunities and cause social division. It's important to raise awareness about its negative effects and fight for a more just society. I particularly appreciate your point about how the caste system restricts marriage choices. It's unfair for people to be denied the chance to find love because of their caste. Hopefully, by working together, we can overcome these challenges and create a more equitable future for all.

  • M.B Hesperia about a month ago

    Social pressure due to low caste really effects the lives of individuals in every aspect of life. Powerful read.

  • Gabriela Trofin-Tatárabout a month ago

    To me it seems that the caste system is a complex cultural inheritance with a mindset of its own. I believe it can evolve to support the people in a better way, and still keep many of the cultural specifics.

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