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Holding On

A Love Story

By Charisma PinoPublished 12 days ago 9 min read

A lush city with a lake that is as clear as glass. On the lakeside, there are boats docked and several beautiful trees. Standing by the side of the road, a girl slowly makes her way toward someone. She constantly checks her phone and seems upset. She's squirming and anxious as though something has been messing with her. She gives her friend a firm hug when she runs into her on the street. She is relieved to have seen a familiar face.

The young lady whose name is Chariz strolls into a party with a companion. Her friend, who is also in high school, is ecstatic to attend their first suburban house party. She tries her best to convince Chariz to enjoy the party, which is full of people drinking and filled with music. It appears to be a high school dream and they vow to have a good time at the party.

They choose to go karaoke when out of nowhere Chariz sees an attractive man. He informs Chariz that he could assist her in selecting a karaoke song. The guy laughs at her dad jokes because he doesn't understand her sense of humor. He flirts with her despite her mockery of his attire. At the open door abruptly his companion shows up and vouches for him however hauls him away.

They start singing karaoke and do a great job, which gets everyone in the crowd cheering. Chariz's friend tells her the guy's name is Sean, and she thinks they might have chemistry. Chariz is extremely interested via Sean's cordial carefree and bright character. Who gets the entire group rolling.

One time, the two of them visit a candy store on Halloween. Her costume, which consisted of jeans and a lion t-shirt, is mocked by Sean. Sean learns from Chariz that she has recently returned to the town. She frequently changes schools and relocates to various states for a variety of reasons. Chariz could do without being social as she most likely is aware she'll need to move once more. Furthermore, gaining such a large number of experiences would hurt her.

They go to the hockey rink where Sean has it booked out only for the two of them. For an hour they skate on the ice and Sean tells her that they'd be reliving all their firsts on their final day. Their first hockey game was the day they fought as well. During their first fight, Chariz thinks Sean farted and is scared to admit it. Whereas, Sean claims he didn't do it. Their fight escalates and Chariz leaves the rink.

This time Sean tells her they go water skiing and he gives her a jewelry with her #1 expression. She recollects whenever they first go water skiing as Sean's dearest companion. They ride on the speedboat, Sean tells her it was piece of cake despite the fact that they're brutally bouncing from one side to another. Chariz coincidentally falls into the water as their pontoon flips over. Every one of them are frightened to death as they can't find her. At last Chariz comes to them and Sean is feeling better. Sean tells her that he cherishes her interestingly after their most memorable date.

In their most memorable hockey game, she remembers him saying for the first time the words "I love you". Sean attempts to express his feelings freely, however, Chariz turns his thought down. She told him she's starving, so they go out to eat. They went to a similar spot and had their most memorable Valentine's day.

Sean has his polaroid set up on the table. It gets increasingly hard for Chariz to relinquish Sean in the verge of documenting this multitude of memories. They look so blissful in those photos, one piece of her that she really wants to pass on now or it will get significantly more troublesome. One more piece of her tells that she doesn't need to give up. That she can traverse it and Sean might have been the best thing that has at any point happened to her. She's confused even more, her struggle under the surface gets more grounded as a piece of her believes she's excessively youthful for genuine romance. While the other part figures she shouldn't lose Sean.

At a party, Paula acts the hero, however, right then Sean comes too, wearing a tuxedo. He intends to take her to prom, however, seeing Paula, Chariz's dearest companion, there's an energy shift as Sean feels Chariz doesn't have any desire to proceed with this any longer. Sean's dearest companion who was assisting him with arranging everything goes along too. The four lounge around and begin eating.

Chariz expresses her adoration for every one of them, she says farewell then. Sean attempts to take Chariz to prom, however, Chariz rather presents a novel thought for every one of them. She insisted not to stay away from the group. Sean is dismayed at this unexpected difference in conduct, yet, concurs in any case. Chariz pushes on the way that it's their last evening to gather.

Paula and Red, Sean's dearest companion have some good times. At the party transport, Sean sits beside Chariz, however, he says nothing. The pressure increments. They break into the school to make some meaningful difference. Chariz keeps away from Sean and Paula.

At last, Paula spills the beans and resolves the issue. She tells Sean that Chariz's personality and told him that he can't do nothing with it. Sean tells her he actually has trust and they don't have the foggiest idea what's on the horizon. Paula tells Sean to be valid about his sentiments to Chariz. Then again Red tells Chariz that she can't stay away from her relationship presently. Chariz agrees that the separation will not be pushed through as she trusted it. Red tells her that Sean still hopes, which places her in a considerably greater problem. Red bids goodbye on the educational committee and he leaves with Paula.

Sean gets some information about her pre-arranged life and simply contemplate what she really needs. All of a sudden, Red and Paula trigger the school caution and they escape the school as quick as they can. Sean gets injured during their caper and his arm begins bleeding. They go to the medical clinic where he gets an immediate care. Sean snatches Chariz's hand for help and Chariz never resist. They've been each other's help, she thinks back about how they read books together and had a great time. Sean's mother who's a specialist comes in to monitor him.

Chariz plans to leave for Dartmouth the following day. Paula and Red sit at the waiting area. When Red confesses that he really had eyes for Paula, before he advises her to be strong as she's gathering new individuals. Chariz says farewell to Sean's mother too, however, at that point she opens up that Sean didn't get into Berkeley for music. Everybody thinks it didn't matter, however, that isn't the case. Chariz is stunned at the disclosure that changes her entire state of mind as they take the party transport to the ocean side. They arrive at the ocean side and Chariz returns to staying away from Sean. She goes with Paula to assist her with her crush. Paula and Chariz embrace as it's their last time together.

Laura welcomes them to a local party and Paula comes. Chariz needs to go as well, yet, Sean comes to her. They attempt to show up at the party together when Chariz admits that she knows Sean didn't get into his fantasy music school. Chariz expresses her disappointments of him concealing something on her.

Meanwhile, Laura concedes that she really likes Paula too. They kiss and have a great time together. Chariz enters the party and visits two or three individuals. Sean is adhered attempting to find her. Paula dance around though while Red goes around with Sean's sister. Sean is frantic to find Chariz. Sean gives a sincere discourse, he requests Chariz to sing their most memorable melody ever. However, Chariz doesn't do so, he is crushed after this and leaves. He's sad realizing that Chariz doesn't want to get close to him.

Sean strolls and passes by on Red and Sean's sister kissing and envied them. Sean tells Chariz that he's doing everything to rescue their relationship, however, Chariz claims the agreement was intense for her. Chariz blames Sean for not being honest to her about Berkeley. When Sean tells her that the isuue wasn't that special to discuss with his folks.

Chariz is disappointed at him since he has been that wonderful in almost everything. Sean at last snaps and tells her that she hasn't even said she likes the idea of it. Now he requests that she say it one final time, yet Chariz refuses to do so. Sean at last says a final farewell to her and surrenders. Chariz tears to see Sean leave. She calls her mother crying and gets in the vehicle with her mother, she comforts her. She thought of putting a halt upon loving him, when her mother tells her that Sean could never allow her to lose herself or the lady she should be.

They commute home and Chariz rests in bed. Actually looking at her telephone endlessly again to see any text from Sean. She truly misses him, his strokes his embraces and his kisses. She can't rest and thrashes around in her bed. She strolls around her room and takes a gander at the journal she made of them. The journal that comprises of every one of their memories.

She texts Sean again to meet one final time. Sean at last arrives and she tells him that she feared getting connected to him. She also opens up that she's forever been so fascinated about the future that she never invests energy into living in the current. She is frightened that Sean will screw with her arrangement and her ideal future.

At last she consents to complete the night and confesses to Sean that she loves him. They go to the lake and swim and make their night memorable. Chariz attempts to rescue their relationship and says it doesn't need to end, however Sean advises her that their relationship is only the preface of a book and not the actual book. They embrace each other firmly and kiss each other in the lake.

The following morning they have food together on Chariz's bed and Sean concludes he'd apply to other music programs and not abandon his dreams. He assures her that he'll sort everything out and thanks Chariz for pushing him to do what's right.

Chariz and Sean bid farewell to each other, however as companions they still have trust that everything could pan out when they meet again. They embrace each other once and for all and never need to give up. Sean and Chariz both have gigantic love for one another, yet head out in a different direction. Chariz sinks into school while Sean gets into a music program, and the two of them are content with where they are. They're both thrilled to see each other's improvement and continue messaging each other.

They met again and spent time together. Spend their days off together not anticipating what the future holds.

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