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Hey Mom, I Forgot to Tell You

by I-Asia Brown 12 months ago in parents
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About all of the things I've never told you

Your balloon says 16th, but in my eyes, you’re # 1

Hey Mom, I forgot to tell you about my first time seeing an angel. I opened my eyes for the very first time and saw light. I'm pretty sure I cried because I was unfamiliar with the sight and then I felt a warm embrace, one that made me feel safe. When I looked up, I looked into the eyes of an angel and I felt as if I almost knew that I would be okay forever. I later learned that my angel had a name and that I would call her mom. I later experienced that my angel was assigned to protect me, nurture me, and teach me the ways of the world and how to survive in it.

Hey mom, I forgot to tell you about my first time seeing a weightlifter. Well I've seen bodybuilders lift ten pound weights and maybe even three-hundred pound weights, but I've never witnessed someone carry the weight of world until this time. I mean that has to count for something, right? I’ve watched you carry weights my entire life, some that were yours, and a lot that were mine. I must admit, I admire your strength. I can only hope to be as strong as you someday. Oh and did I mention, Thank You?

Hey Mom, I forgot to tell you that mermaids exist. I’ve seen one dive into an ocean of impossibilities and come out with anything’s possibles. She told me that there’s plenty of fish in the sea and she was right. So it’s only right that I never stress over one thing (fish) when there’s plenty of others that may swim my way. She taught me that it’s not about the motion of the ocean, but the float of the boat. I learned that you can’t always control what life throws at you (the waves of the ocean), but you can control how you respond to it (float of the boat).

Hey mom, I forgot to tell you. All of those times that you asked me how school was and I responded, “good”, I forgot to mention that I learned everyday from the most amazing teacher who is you. Even when it seemed like I wasn’t paying attention to your lectures, I was taking notes in the journal of my mind. Thank You for all of your many lessons. Now that I’ve graduated, I still continue to learn by watching you and listening to your advice. Although I’m not in your class anymore, I know that I’ll never have to face the world a lone.

Hey Mom, I forgot to tell you. The sun is a woman and she’s brought me plenty of sunshine on all of my rainy days. She’s taught me to weather the storms and to enjoy the rainbows after. She’s as striking as lightning with presence as loud as thunder. And you see her everyday when you look into the mirror.

Hey Mom, I forgot to tell you. All that I’ve told isn’t even the beginning of what I have to tell you. I’ll never be finished telling you if I mentioned all of the things that I’ve forgotten to tell you. But Thank You for creating me to tell the tell. I hope that with all of the forgotten words that may go unsaid, that you remember that on my darkest days, you are the brightest light in sight.

Hey Mom, I forgot to tell you. I love you .. and Thank You for everything.


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