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Family love

by Aaron 2 months ago in parents
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The family is an umbrella in the storm, shelter for me; The family is a light in the dark, find the way forward for me; The family is a fire in the cold weather, for me to drive out the cold; Affection or failure of a word of comfort, let me find my own.

What is family love? The family is an umbrella in the storm, shelter for me; The family is a light in the dark, find the way forward for me; The family is a fire in the cold weather, for me to drive out the cold; Affection or failure of a word of comfort, let me find my own.

My mother was an ordinary woman, but in her ordinary life, I saw an extraordinary side to her. Remember the first grade in primary school is, I play with my classmates on the playground. Suddenly, I seemed to be pushed over by a force and hit my jaw on a rock. My classmates sent me to the infirmary, and the teacher said I had to go to the hospital for stitches. Mother learned this news, put down the hands of the housework, with the "speed of light" rushed to the hospital. In the hospital bed, I was very scared. I saw the doctor was playing with a needle, suddenly, fear into countless tears welled up in the eyes. At this time, my mother ran into the ward, took my hand, and kept reassuring me: "Don't be afraid, it will be all right! Mother is by your side, I will always accompany you!" I stopped crying and turned to look into my mother's eyes. For the first time, I saw that my mother's eyes were so big, so bright, so charming. Gradually, I fell asleep.

Family love, like a guiding sign in confusion, guide the road ahead for you; Family love, like a lamp, illuminate your life should go; Family love, just like a cup of tea, can warm your heart. Outside the window, the stars stared with their eyes open, and the moon poured the most beautiful moonlight into the warm little house. They were quiet and didn't seem to want to break the silence.

Family love, composed of this beautiful words, it is like the spring breeze blowing in every corner of my life. It's everywhere. In the morning, my parents got up early and cooked the sumptuous dishes on the table for me. When I want to leave home for school, my parents will nag a lot of "be careful on the road, cross the road to look at the car, listen to the class... We'll be back late at night. Take care of yourself." These words have become compulsory before school every day. And when I go home from school, my parents are working outside to earn money and haven't been able to go home, the whole house is empty and I am alone, then my heart bursts of sadness, eyes always flash parents busy figure on the site, but also at this time I feel the great family.

Parents gave me a full head of black hair, leaving only temples frost; My parents gave me a straight waist, leaving only their bent waist back; Parents gave me the young face, wrinkles quietly climbed up the corner of their eyes... This is the family left traces, but we usually do not pay attention to it. Friends, let us have a "grateful" heart! Let the originally dull life glow with charming luster. At the same time, we can really feel the warmth of the family. The value of love, the true meaning of filial piety, can truly understand understanding, return and life!

After a holiday every year, my mother always let me and grandma live for two days, at most three days, as time goes by, I also get used to the city life. Until last summer, my mother had to go to training and study, and I was really worried about staying at home alone, so I went back to my grandmother's house. Grandma is old, cooking, work is no longer so neatly, grandpa had cerebral thrombosis, life can barely provide for oneself, at first I also feel quite fresh, and the exercise with grandpa to go for a walk in the mountains, help grandma cooking trim vegetables for cooking, but a long time, I'm tired, I began to complain about my grandma here is not clean, there is no pack, grandma's no closed-circuit television, no computer can play, Grandma's home near no McDonald's, no KFC, grandma cooked food is not delicious, so I began to act grumpy, do not eat, grandma love sewing, but the eyes spent, can not wear, sometimes I deliberately do not give her to wear, and she bargain, do not give money do not wear. And grandpa quarrel, grandpa let me read the newspaper to him, the more I do not read, grandpa and grandma and I become careful to get along, sometimes I am very proud of it, but I see grandpa and grandma sometimes sigh. One morning, grandma made dinner early to let me eat, I deliberately did not eat, said: "I want to eat hamburgers, eat chicken wings, eat French fries, no will not eat." At noon, I still don't eat. I saw Grandma shaking her head and sighing as she went out. Before dinner, grandma hurried back from the outside, holding a bag in her hand, sweating happily called me: "girl, come quickly, grandma let others from the city to bring you love to eat KFC, eat quickly, the weather is hot, otherwise, bad." She was sweating profuse, but her grandmother was smiling. Although I was eating my favorite hamburger in my mouth, tears were clearly in my eyes. At that moment, I completely understood what family love was, the value of family love, great and selfless.

I learned that my mother was going to pick me up the next day. That night, I gave my grandma a hundred needles, each needle has a long line, the line is like grandma's deep love for me. "Grandma," I said, "you ran out of needles, and I came to dress you." Grandma smiled, and there were tears in her eyes. This winter, I put on the cotton-padded clothes grandma gave me early, feeling very warm.

Family love is like the colorful thread I use when threading a needle for my grandma, colorful. Thin, long, need to taste attentively, no family life is not perfect. Everyone needs family love, family love is like winter cotton coat, stick to the body, warm our hearts.


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