Close Knit Families

The key to a close knit family is sticking together.

Close Knit Families

A close knit family is always right there for each other. When children are born, the parents raise their little ones to be close and grow to love each other. They are always together and when you have seen one child in a family, they are always there.

The family does not live far apart from each other, and they know where the other members. They do not interfere with each other, but as a sibling in a family, they are always close by their family. W

hen a son of the family marries, he does not put his family before his wife because she is there in the family as well for him to love, but he will go see his family at least once a week just to be with if them, if they live in the same area.

When there is a situation to arise in a family, the siblings will know first hand what their parents problem is. The reason a close knit family is so tight in their families is because they are protective and they want to keep a close eye out for each other.

I grew up with a brother, my mother and father. It was close knit. We knew everything that went on in or around us. We were close in doing things together, about like the Amish would do with their children. When we went anywhere with a friend, my parents would know where we were and also knew when we would be back home again. They called us to check on us, and also wanted to make sure we were ok.

This is no longer the case with other families; here's why.

Families Are Not as Close as They Were in the Past

Families, in this new era, are not as close as they were when we grew up in the older days. Families have many things on their minds now. The parents that work also spend less time with their children. The biggest problem now is that the children are the same with the parents.

There are things now like cell phones, laptops, iPods and other things to keep the children busy. It used to be that we used to go outdoors, and ride a bicycle, and didn't have to worry about a cell phone — because we didn't have one.

The way we had connections with our family, was watching TV with the family, or eating at the table when the meal was cooked. But now, it is like this — we do not eat with the family any longer. We are always on the run, and we always have other things to do besides sit down with our children.

Lack of Communication Skills

Finally, when each family, whether it's extended or the immediate family, has an issue, they don't talk about it. Instead, they go for other support instead of pulling together as a family. In fact, when they have different opinions, they prefer to become not close with other to avoid the problems.

Children nowadays, go out and deal with street drugs, use alcohol or shoplift. That's the way they think they deal with their problem instead of talking with their parents when they are troubled as a close knit family.

To sum everything up, parents should pay close attention to their children and also take care of their upbringing, so they can be raised up the right way.

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