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By shena mchenryPublished 3 years ago 17 min read

One day I, Bumper awoke from my winter slumber. I came out of my hybernating hole to find that half the forest was gone. I looked over the cliffs and saw some strange machinery and trees as stumps, as I once knew. I couldn't believe my eyes; Maybe its just all a dream! I pinched myself and it hurt, so I knew I wasn't dreaming.

The cliffs were behind my hybernating hole and in front of me was a beautiful forest that I recognized before I had a long winter's nap. I continued to walk towards the forest and I kept bumping into bushes and trees. I guess that's why I was called Bumper. My family left me behind when we had a great wind storm and I never saw them again. I never knew if it was on purpose or an accident. So, I took care of myself with the help of some friends that I met here in the forest.

Speaking of friends, I wonder where they are? I have a mole friend and his name is Dumper. It was just his mother and father and him when the great wind came and took his parents. So, he was left alone to take care of himself. My other friend is a chipmunk named Jumper. He was left alone from the great wind. He had a sister and a mom and the great wind took both of them away.

The eagle ended up being a mother hen to all of us because she lost her eggs during the great wind. Her name is Swifty.

My mole friend named Dumper came up from the ground and saw me and I told him about what was behind the cliff. Then Jumper, the chipmunk came towards us, jumping from tree to tree and landed on the ground where we were at. I told him about what was behind the cliff. The eagle named Swifty was circling above us and she came down and wanted to tell us about what had happened. She was awake during our hybernation and she knows all about the rest of the forest and what had happened to it. She was telling us that strange beings that walked and talked had machines coming into the forest and started to chop all the trees down. Then she told us that some strange beings were holding wood with writing on them and trying to prevent the other strange beings from chopping the trees down. She was telling us that she thinks those beings that were holding boards were trying to stop the other beings. She said “if that was true then there's a chance to save the rest of our forest.”

She told us that she is going to fly into town; Which is 20 miles away and find out some information. She told us all to not go over the cliff because it is dangerous for us to be around the strange beings. We all agreed with her, but as curious as I was; I went over the cliff, making sure those beings weren't around when I went. I was bumping into machinery and stumps.

My friends Jumper and Dumper was with me. At first they were trying to convince me to not go over the cliff, but I wanted to see more of what's going on. After my second bump into a machine, my friend Dumper led me back over the cliff to be safe. My friend was pretty worried about me getting hurt with those machines.

My other friend Jumper was still over there and he was jumping from machine to machine. He wanted to know how far the empty forest went. He came back after a few minutes and told us that the rest of the empty forest ended at the edge of town. I was stunned of how much they chopped our forest down and all the way to town; which was pretty far away. We all walked to the creek and drank some water and talked some more about what we could do about these beings destroying our forest.

After we drank some water, we all started roaming around finding something to do. We were playing around with a log and we had Dumper inside the log while Jumper was on top of the log and I was rolling it down into the field of flowers. We got to the bottom in the field of flowers and of course I fell before the log got to the field of flowers. We all laughed and started to play around in the flowers. I started to eat some blossoms and Dumper went underground to get his grubs to eat.

Jumper went up a tree and started munching on some nuts that he had hidden. We got our belly's full and we all took naps inside the field of flowers. Swifty came back and found us in the field of flowers. She told us that the dog in town was talking with the squirrel and the squirrel told her about the beings with the boards.

First she said “the beings were called humans”. Then she said “that the humans with the boards are trying to preserve the forest.” She also said “if the humans with the boards can find an animal in the forest that might be endangered for extinction then they can save the rest of the forest.” So, I said “we can go around the rest of the forest and find an animal that might be going extinct.” Swifty said “No, it will be too dangerous for you little ones to roam deep in the forest to find an animal that might be going extinct.” I told Swifty “what else can we do to save our forest?” She said “I'm sorry, little ones but nature has to run its course.”

Swifty flew off. I was talking to Dumper and Jumper and told them that we have to go on a journey to find an animal that might be extinct. Dumper mentioned that we never passed the creek before and we might get lost. Jumper said “what if its a wild beast that might want to eat us!” I told both of them that they worry too much. We have to try to save our forest and not let our homes be destroyed. They both agreed!

So, we started to make a journey across the creek and into some thick forestry. Dumper really had to help me to not bump into the trees and bushes. Jumper went from one tree to another and was looking ahead for us. Jumper told us that there was a cave inside of some big boulders ahead of us. I told Jumper that we need to investigate the cave and see what animal lives in there. Dumper said “what if that animal wants to eat us?” He said “he was scared to go in there.” I told him and Jumper to wait next to the big boulder while I go inside the cave.

I walked in the cave very slowly and cautiously and found some animal bones scattered around the cave. I got scared and continued on even slower further in the cave. I ran into some hair that smelled like a very large predator. I didn't recognize the smell!

Jumper and Dumper was worried and scared while waiting for me. They heard some bushes moving around but the trees were not blowing. They were terrified, so they ran to the cave and found me. They told me that they heard some noise in the bushes and they were to scared to find out what it was. I told them what I had found and I was scared!

So, we walked very slowly towards the entrance of the cave and a red wolf jumped out at us! We were so scared, that Dumper took a dump and Jumper tried to jump at the ceiling of the cave. I hopped a few steps but I bumped into the wall. The red wolf just looked at us and laughed. We didn't know that our flaws was so amusing.

So, the red wolf invited us to dinner and of course, we were scared that we might be his meal. The red wolf said “he had a few rats that he caught earlier and that was dinner.” The red wolf introduced himself as Derek. I told Derek my name and my friends names'. So, Derek asked us “what are we doing here?” I told Derek “the whole truth.” He said “that we should not be to concerned about the situation because mother nature provides for all of us.” I told him “that I did not want to lose my home and neither do my friends.” I informed Derek about what Swifty told me about endangered animals. I continued on and asked Derek “are you an endangered animal?” He said “that there is not many of them left.” I said “oh, ok”.

He invited us to spend the night and he will lead us back to the creek in the morning. We all went to sleep. The next morning, we woke up hungry and Derek had already gathered some food for us. He had some nuts for Jumper and some flowers for me and he found some grubs for Dumper. He was a very nice red wolf. I was surprised that he didn't try to eat us. He told us a story while we were eating our breakfast. He said”he was roaming around one day and fell in a deep hole and he couldn't get out.”

“There were a few small animals that had helped him get out of that hole.” He said “that we reminded him of those animals.” “Once he got out of that hole; He told those animals that he would do anything for them because they saved his life.” “The animals agreed on the repayment of his life by telling him that if he ever runs across small animals that needs his help that he would do it.” “So, this is the reason why he did not eat us,” he said.

We started to take the journey to the creek and I was telling Derek that we need his help. Derek said “humans are not to kind to wolves and he will not go near them.” So, Derek left us at the creek. We walked across the creek and Swifty approached us and asked “where did we go?” I never lied to Swifty but I really wanted to this time. I told her that we went out to find an endangered animal. She scolded us before I got a chance to tell her that we found one.

We were all ashamed of disobeying her and we walked away sad. We all went back to our homes and we cried for being disobedient. Swifty came to our homes and wanted to talk with us. So, we gathered together in the flower patch and Swifty said “she was sorry for scolding us.” She said “she was frightened of not being able to find us.” I told her “that was okay.” I also told her “that we have found an endangered animal.” So, we told her about our journey and how we met Derek.

So, she told us that she will go to town and find out when those humans with the boards will be out in the forest and then we can produce the wolf to them and maybe we will be able to save our forest. So, while Swifty went to town, we started playing in the flowers. We went swimming in the creek, too. It took about an hour before Swifty came back and told us that the humans with the boards will be in the forest tomorrow.

I told Swifty where the red wolf lives and told her that he is not willing to be around humans. So, Swifty brought us some food and we ate until our bellies were full and we went home and layed down and rested.

While we were resting, Swifty went out to find the red wolves home; which was the cave, I told her about. Swifty found the cave but the wolf was not there. She kept searching the area to find him but still could not find him. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Swifty waited for a little while near the cave to see if he would show up. It was getting late, the sun was almost down and she did not want to fly in the dark.

Finally, the wolf showed up and as he was walking towards his cave entrance; Swifty approached him and he tried to snap at her. Swifty said his name and he asked “how do you know me?” She told him about the animals that she is friends with and she also told him about the humans that were trying to stop the destruction of the forest.

He asked her “what does that have to do with me?” She said “you are an endangered animal that humans protect.” He said “all humans wanted to do with me is to kill me.” She said “these humans are not like the ones that you have previously met.” He said “I will think about it.” She said “meet us by the creek tomorrow, when the sun is full in the sky.” “If I don't see you there then I will think that you do not want to help.”

Swifty hurried back home before it got too dark and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and went to the creek to get some water. Dumper and Jumper woke up and came to the creek for some water,also. We talked for a little bit and I wanted to go back to the wolf and plead with him to help us to get our forest back from being destroyed. Dumper and Jumper told me that I shouldn't go without informing Swifty. I saw Swifty up in the air and called out to her and she came down to us.

I told Swifty of my idea of going to see the wolf but she told me not to because she talked with him last night and hopefully, he will come to the creek in a few hours to help us; If not, then he is not willing to help us. I thanked Swifty for her help on this and I hugged her. Dumper and Jumper hugged her, too.

So, we all went playing for awhile and I heard some noise over the cliff. We all looked and we see the humans with the boards trying to stop the humans with the machines from coming any further towards the forest. We ran to find Swifty to tell her that we don't have much time before they come over the cliff and destroy our homes. Swifty was up in the air and I yelled out to her and told her about what's going on over the cliff.

So she said “for us to wait here, so she can see if the wolf is coming.” I couldn't wait any longer, So I got Dumper and Jumper to help me stall these humans from coming over the cliff. We ran over the cliff and started running around the humans and they all started running after us.

I kept bumping into the machines and Dumper telling me to go this direction and that direction. Swifty saw the wolf and told him to hurry and told him to go over the cliff and do what the small animals are doing. He was scared but Swifty said “if you don't go then these animals will be caught and destroyed.”

The red wolf ran over the cliff and the humans with the boards saw him and took video of him running after the small animals. He told them “to follow him back to the forest.” We were running out of breath from all that running.

So, we all ran over the cliff. I saw one of the humans getting some metal thing out of their machine and was about to point it at Derek. I am so glad Derek did not see that.

The humans with the boards talked with the other humans and told them that they cannot continue destroying the trees because of this wolf. Swifty was worried about us getting caught and told us to never do that again. We told her that it will not happen again because we were tired of being chased. I told Derek thankyou for helping us. He said “Thankyou, for helping me to get over my fear of humans.” We went to go eat some food and rest. Derek went back to his cave.

Swifty went back to town to see what had happened and if we made an impact on the situation. The humans with the boards filed injunction to stop the humans from destroying any more of the forest. So, Swifty came back and told us that everything should be okay because the humans with the boards stopped the other humans.

Well, the next morning I awoke with some noise in the forest that I have never heard before. I heard and saw a bunch of humans in the forest with metal things hanging on their bodies. After they walked across the creek, my friends came running to me and asking me “of what's going on?” I told them “I don't know.” I heard Swifty coming down and she explained to us that the humans are trying to kill the wolf, so they do not have to stop cutting down the forest.

I couldn't believe that they would go to that extreme just for these trees. I told Swifty that we have to help Derek. She told us to stay here because its dangerous to go further in the forest with humans carrying weapons. She also said “she will be flying ahead to find Derek and warn him of the humans.” I told her “to please hurry!”

Swifty left in a hurry and then other humans came into our forest. These humans had boards with writing on them and they seemed friendly because one of them stopped where I was at and patted me and told me that everything will be okay. Dumper and Jumper hid from the humans.

The humans started walking across the creek and I told Dumper and Jumper that these humans are trying to save Derek. I told them to lets follow these humans and make sure that Derek will be alright. Dumper and Jumper was scared but I convinced them to go with me. Swifty found Derek and told him about the bad humans that are coming and trying to kill him with the weapons that they are carrying. Swifty showed Derek a different way of getting back to the creek, so he can be safe. Derek followed Swifty and he was hidden within one of our tunnels that we created during the great wind storm.

Swifty didn't know that we were following the good humans. Swifty tried to call out to us with no response from us. So, instantly she knew we disobeyed her once again. We followed the good humans and they came upon the humans with the weapons and they were all near the big boulder and the cave entrance of Derek's home. I was so frightened for Derek and really, really hoping he was not in that cave.

While the good humans were talking to the bad humans, a couple of bad humans came out of the cave and said they found nothing in there. That was a load off of my mind! Dumper and Jumper asking me “where did he go?” I told them that maybe Swifty led him to safety. So, the good humans led the bad humans out of the forest. Swifty came in the area where we were at and told us once again to stay put when she tells us.

We told her that we were worried about Derek and wanted to make sure he was alright. Swifty flew away and followed the humans to town. The dog told the squirrel that there is a lot of ruckus going on and the humans are having a meeting. The dog entered the meeting and he is telling the squirrel of what's going on and the squirrel is telling Swifty.

The conclusion of the meeting is that the bad humans can only use the land that they already cut down and they are not allowed to cut any more forest down. Swifty said “that is great news.” Swifty flew away and found us in the flower field. We were playing with the flowers and we heard Swifty approaching us with great news.

She was so excited that she landed in the flowers and flowers went everywhere. Swifty told us the good news and we were all so happy. Finally we can live in peace without the worry of humans destroying our homes.

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