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Black Rose: A Love Story of Eternal Devotion

Two Lovers United by a Rare Beauty, Separated by Tragedy, Reunited in Death

By Talha ImranPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Black Rose: A Love Story of Eternal Devotion
Photo by Katelyn Greer on Unsplash

The black rose was a symbol of forbidden love, a love that was not meant to be. Kahdi had always been drawn to the dark beauty of the black rose, and he often imagined that its petals were soft to the touch, like the delicate skin of his beloved Qatil.

Kahdi was a new student at the high school, and he felt like an outsider in the new environment. Qatil, on the other hand, had been attending the school for years and had many friends. She was a popular girl, and everyone wanted to be around her.

Despite their different backgrounds, Kahdi and Qatil were drawn to each other. Kahdi admired Qatil's confidence and beauty, and Qatil was intrigued by Kahdi's quiet and mysterious demeanor.

They started to talk, andKahdi found himself opening up to Qatil in a way that he never had before. Qatil, in turn, shared her dreams and fears with Kahdi. They quickly became friends, and before long, they fell deeply in love.

But their love was not meant to be. Qatil's parents did not approve of her relationship with Kahdi. They wanted her to focus on her studies and to stay away from boys, especially ones from a different social class. Kahdi's parents, on the other hand, were supportive of their son's relationship but wanted him to focus on his studies and not get distracted.

Despite the pressure from their families, Kahdi and Qatil continued to meet in secret. They would sneak out of school during lunch breaks and spend time together in the woods behind the school. Kahdi would pick a black rose for Qatil, and she would tuck it into her hair, feeling the soft petals against her skin.

Their relationship was a secret, but rumors started to spread. Qatil's friends warned her about the dangers of getting involved with someone from a different social class. Kahdi's friends told him that he was wasting his time with someone who would never be able to fit into his world.

The pressure started to take its toll, and Kahdi and Qatil's relationship began to suffer. They would argue and fight, and Kahdi would accuse Qatil of not understanding his struggles. Qatil would accuse Kahdi of not being sensitive to her situation.

One day, Kahdi and Qatil had a huge fight. Kahdi accused Qatil of not understanding him, and Qatil accused Kahdi of being selfish. They parted ways, and Kahdi thought that it was over between them.

Days turned into weeks, and Kahdi found himself thinking about Qatil constantly. He realized that he couldn't live without her, and he decided to apologize and make things right.

He searched for Qatil everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found. He asked her friends, but they wouldn't tell him anything. He called her phone, but it was disconnected.

One day, he went to the woods behind the school, the place where they used to meet. He saw a black rose lying on the ground, and he picked it up. He felt the soft petals in his hand, and he closed his eyes, thinking of Qatil.

Suddenly, he heard a sound, and he turned around. He saw Qatil standing there, tears streaming down her face. They ran into each other's arms, and Kahdi knew that he had found his true love.

They decided to leave everything behind and start a new life together. They ran away from their families and their old lives, and they found a small apartment in the city. They were happy, but their happiness was short-lived.

One day, Qatil fell ill,and no matter what Kahdidid, he couldn't save her. He took her to the best doctors, but they couldn't find a cure for her illness. He stayed by her side, holding her hand, as she grew weaker and weaker.

One night, Qatil asked Kahdi to take her back to the woods where they first fell in love. She wanted to see the black rose one last time. Kahdi knew that Qatil's time was running out, so he carried her to the woods and laid her down on a blanket. He picked a black rose and placed it in her hair, and he whispered words of love and comfort to her.

As the sun began to set, Qatil took her last breath in Kahdi's arms. Kahdi was devastated. He couldn't believe that the love of his life was gone forever. He felt like a part of him had died with her.

Kahdi buried Qatil in the woods, beneath the black rose tree. He visited her grave every day, and he would bring a fresh black rose for her. He couldn't let go of her memory, and he knew that he would love her forever.

Years went by, and Kahdi grew old. He never forgot Qatil, and he never stopped loving her. One day, as he was sitting by the black rose tree, he saw a young couple walking hand in hand towards him. They stopped by the tree and picked a black rose.

Kahdi watched them, feeling a sense of deja vu. He realized that the young couple reminded him of him and Qatil when they first fell in love. He smiled, knowing that their love story would continue, even after he was gone.

Kahdi took one last look at the black rose tree and whispered, "Thank you, Qatil, for the love that we shared. I will always love you." He closed his eyes and took his last breath, knowing that he was finally reunited with his true love.


About the Creator

Talha Imran

I writes emotive stories with raw and unflinching style, exploring difficult realities with hope and resilience.

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