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Appreciate Our Time in Life

Appreciate those we love.

By Mani SacasaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Time never stands still for anyone in this world. We need to make sure we cherish every moment we have in life. They say life is short but honestly it is the longest thing we have. We should appreciate what we have during this time though as we take for granted so many things in this life. With love being one of them.

People come and go in our lifetime but there will always be someone we hold dear and true within our hearts. For me, I have 3 special people in my heart, my wife Gema and my children.

I still remember the first time I saw my wife. It was the most beautiful sight in this world. I knew at that exact moment, this is the woman I wanted to marry and be with for the rest of my life. Months later, we were married, and shockingly, she was the one who proposed to me.

Every time I look into her eyes, it is like staring into my own soul feeling a sense of joy that can’t even be described in words but only in emotions. Its moments like these that I know I have taken for granted sometimes without even realizing it.

I know I am not perfect but I love my wife and I want to make sure that when I am no longer around, good memories of me exist. I want to make sure she knows she was always appreciated.

My days with her are days I treasure. As time passes on she has been my better half, the woman who comforts me, and the one who pushes me to do better.

I have experienced so much in my life. I have met so many people and traveled, however there was always something missing in my life, an emptiness I could never escape.

Gema has filled that void that was in me. She makes even the daily moments breathtaking. Loving her is bliss, a constant euphoria with every embrace. She is my forever, the missing piece that completes my soul.

Sure I love my children, but she is the one that will still be by my side once our son and my daughter are older wanting to be on their own. This love I feel for her is what gets us through the hard times and the good. As long as we are together, we can get through anything and accomplish everything.

Our genuine connection is unlike anything I've ever experienced. She is the only person I could ever see myself being with, and I'm willing to take any risk for our love. With her, life is an adventure worth living, and I cherish every moment by your side.

Loving Gema showed me many things I didn’t know existed before. I realized that she is all I need to be happy in this life. She has become my everything in this world. She is the air I need to breathe and the food my soul needs to live. She is my heartbeat, so I don’t want to lose her ever.

She loves me, and I want her to know that there are no words that can describe how much I love her as it is a magical feeling without description. Our relationship is magical, and I would do anything and give up everything to keep it strong forever.

Please make sure that you remember that our loved ones are our support and strength. Sometimes the little things go a long way like just a simple smile, saying how feel, or helping them around the house. Don’t let time slip by and regret not cherishing those moments together.


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