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7 signs to realize that you are in a healthy relationship

How to identify a healthy relationship

By Simeon OlatejuPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
7 signs to realize that you are in a healthy relationship
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w individuals say that when you're in a solid relationship, everything fair comes simple. Others will say that's not precisely genuine — the leading long-term connections require a part of difficult work, commitment and assurance.

Leave insecurities aside and discover how healthy your relationship is with these clues that the psychologist and couples therapist has for you.

Loving relationships do not have to be perfect, but they do have to be healthy; Because “the healthier a relationship, the more sense of satisfaction, gratification, stability and well-being you will have in your life ,” according to psychologist and couples therapist Massiel Martel, who states that cultivating healthy relationships has a positive effect on your mental health.

Therefore, here we explain how to realize that your relationship is going in the right direction.

You can be yourself
In a healthy relationship, there is no pressure to pretend or force yourself to be someone you are not.You have the ability to express yourself with complete confidence and freedom, to say what you feel and think without fear of being judged by your partner. According to the psychologist, you should not feel the need to fake something, but rather the relationship flows naturally between the two of you.

There is a feeling of well-being
In order for there to be that feeling of general well-being,positive situations or aspects must outweigh the negative ones. “To know that a relationship is good, we need an indicator of 5 against 1, of 5 positive situations against one that is not so positive or conflictive ,” reveals the therapist. Also, you should keep in mind that these situations must have the same level of magnitude to be able to compare them, since, for example, it will not be balanced if you only consider a big fight with some good times that you could have together.

They have healthy boundaries
Loving your partner doesn't mean giving your consent to everything. Extremes are harmful, so set boundaries that are not problematic and that you both feel comfortable with. It is the best way to have a healthy and respectful relationship. According to the specialist, these must be previously discussed and agreed upon so that both know and are clear about the most appropriate behaviors to maintain the relationship in harmony.
Among the most common disagreements that can arise is maintaining contact or communication with ex-partners, a controversial topic to this day. According to the therapist, this also has a solution if limits and agreements are established that both feel comfortable with.

They establish agreements
In a healthy relationship, it is as important to ask as it is to give in, because both must have the ability to establish agreements and negotiations without this meaning that sacrifices must be made.. Well, according to the psychologist, it is not about easily accepting modifying something that the other does not like about you without taking your opinion into account, but rather about reaching a middle point in which both feel comfortable and sufficiently satisfied.

They have confidence
Trust is not synonymous with invasion of privacy as is commonly believed (wanting to know what the other person is doing, where and with whom they are at any time); but to know that regardless of the situation, they can turn to each other. According to the therapist, trust isbe sure that somehow everything will work out if you support each other.

There is good communication
In good communication, not only the things that are said matter, but also how they are said. According to the psychologist, in a healthy relationship you canspeak empathetically, assertively and respectfullywithout having to hurt yourself or hurt yourself.

They work as a team
“In a healthy relationship, it is not me or it is you: it is us,” is a phrase that must be assimilated and applied by both, without this meaning that either loses their value or identity as an individual or person, according to the therapist. . Therefore, working as a team means face problems or adversities and always look for solutions

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