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19 Facts About Drugs and Addiction By Sadaqat Clinic

Unlock the truth about drugs & addiction familial impact and the hope neuroscience therapy brings. Find help at the best addiction treatment center in Karachi.

By Willing WaysPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
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Drugs and addiction tend to go hand in hand. Although not everyone who tries it will become addicted, many do, and most of these will find it very difficult to stop using. The detrimental impact of addiction is pervasive, affecting individuals and communities alike. When seeking recovery, it is crucial to find support from the best addiction treatment center in Karachi. Such centers offer comprehensive programs and professional guidance to empower individuals on their journey toward lasting sobriety. Everywhere we look, there is information about it, some saying why it is bad for you, while others give people a reason to use it.

Here are some facts about drugs and addiction:

  1. Substance abuse in the USA accounts for around 180 billion dollars each year. That is not counting the cost of alcohol or tobacco, just drug usage. The staggering figures emphasize the magnitude of the problem and the urgent need for effective solutions. In this context, neuroscience therapy for addiction graphing.
  2. Children of addicts are four times more likely to become addicts than those whose parents are not users.
  3. Whilst one in ten people who drink will become hooked to alcohol, one or two uses of a drug such as Heroin can leave the user wanting more.
  4. Drug addicts who need cash for their next fix carry out 90% of muggings and thefts from property.
  5. Back in the 1890s, when instances of Pneumonia and Tuberculosis were rife, Heroin was marketed as a non-addictive cough suppressant. By unraveling the complex interplay between neurochemical processes and addictive behaviors, neuroscience therapy opens new avenues for effective interventions and the ultimate goal of overcoming addiction challenges.
  6. The term “Cold Turkey” is derived from the fact that detoxification can lead to the addict feeling cold and clammy.
  7. The term “kicking the habit” may come from the muscle spasms and jerky leg movements suffered by the person in detox.
  8. It is a disease, despite what many people think, and requires the correct treatment.
  9. Most people cannot just cut back or give up when they feel like it. The very nature of the substance dictates that in the way that repeated use changes the function and the structure of the brain. This holds true for adolescents as well, and it highlights the importance of addressing adolescent grief. It is crucial to provide support and resources to young individuals who may turn to substance use as a means of coping with their grief. Only around 2% of individuals actually seek help for drug addiction.
  10. It is as easy to become addicted to prescription drugs as it is to illegal substances and these are pills that are prescribed daily by doctors and members of the medical profession. Learn more about prescription drugs and addiction
  11. Around 50% of US College students have used drugs or been binge drinking – 25% are medically classified as addicts.
  12. Around 25% of all Americans will suffer from this problem sometime in their lives.
  13. 16% of the total population of America meet the medical requirements for being classed as an addict.
  14. Out of more than 2 million US prison inmates, more than 1.5 million meet the medical requirements for addiction.
  15. Of the above, only 11% receive treatment for their addiction whilst being in prison.
  16. Women and girls take less time to become addicted to drugs, illegal or prescription, and with less usage than males. There are highlights of the gender-specific vulnerabilities and risks that are associated with substance addiction, and these concerns are also important to recognize the growing overcoming of smartphone addiction issues among both genders.
  17. Teenagers that start drinking before the age of 15 are more likely to move on to drugs at some point.
  18. Around 85% of websites that advertise and sell controlled prescription drugs do not ask for a prescription, which goes to show how easy it is to get hold of them.
  19. Addictions cannot be cured. The person can only be given help and support to cope with and manage this illness.

Facts to Consider about Marijuana – In The News

Willingways.com published an interesting article giving treatments for drug addiction and many types of facts about marijuana taking and among recently. The human body produces its own cannabinoids or endocannabinoids and has specific receptors for these substances. The endocannabinoid system is essential for our body to function normally and is involved in many of our physiological processes. However, we have yet to fully comprehend the extensive nature and function of the endocannabinoid system, and more research is needed. Growers have worked to increase THC levels, which has resulted in today’s cannabis being far more potent than ever before. This means you can smoke much less and experience the same effects as compared to your father’s cannabis.

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