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10 Expert Tips to Make Child Sleep Better

Learn how to Make a Child Sleep Better with the strategy of universal rules and individual approaches from counselors

By Willing WaysPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
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When your child can not sleep well at the best addiction treatment center in Karachi at night, it usually becomes a problem for the whole family. Some children sleep more than 10-11 hours a day, and some are caught with Insomnia, the Most Common Sleep Problem that should be resolved with people, but some do not like sleeping and stay awake till midnight. Many tips are discussed by the consolers on how to manage sleep issues in teenage or in childhood life. Therefore, an individual approach is needed for every child when creating his sleep strategy and developing good sleep habits. It is necessary to consider such details as his age, type, health, the situation in the family, and many other factors. However, it is possible to name several universal rules for making the child's sleep more comfortable and practical.

  • Remember that sleep can hardly be commanded; that is why all you can do is create the right environment and stimulate your child's bedtime mood. Make your child go to sleep and wake up in the morning at the same time every day.
  • In the evening, before going to bed, give him some time (from 10 to 30 minutes) to get ready for going to sleep or develop a sort of bedtime ritual for your child (reading a bedtime story or listening to some calm bedtime music).
  • Create a proper sleep environment for your child. Control the hours your child spends in bed. Check out your child's sleep patterns, and do not allow him to stay in bed for more hours than he needs for everyday activities. Watch what your child is doing before going to sleep. Please do not allow him to jump or run and try to divert his attention to doing something calm.
  • Keeping the lights dim before bed also stimulates your child's bedtime mood. , do not forget to use bright lights in the morning and during the day.
  • Never use the television or other communication media while sleep training your child. Talk to your child before he falls asleep. It would help if you were the last for your child to see before he falls asleep.
  • Help your child learn to fall asleep himself. For this, please help him to develop positive associations when falling asleep.
  • Sending to bed must never be a punishment or threat to your child. Your child has to develop only positive feelings about going to bed and learn to enjoy bedtime.
  • Do not allow your child to watch movies or programs or play PC games that are inappropriate for his age. Do not allow your baby or toddler to fall asleep nestled in your arms with the meal bottle.
  • If your baby cries at night, come near and comfort him but do not pick him up. This way, he will not develop a habit of crying to gain your full attention.
  • If possible, do not let your child sleep in your bed. This habit is tough to break, and it can bring unwanted consequences in the future. Do not give your child any drink or food (including chocolate and carbonated drinks) with caffeine before he goes to sleep. Also, try to avoid giving him medicines that stimulate physical activity.

If your child sleeps very well all night, he will be active and full of joy all day long. But remember that not every child who does not sleep long enough at night can feel discomfort or lack of sleep during the day. It would help if you also remembered that in many situations, the child's problems with sleep are not his parents' fault. Sometimes these problems are serious, but sometimes they are not. If your child has continuous difficulties with sleep, talk to your pediatrician or sleep specialist.


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