10 Things You can Do to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

Simple gestures that would mean a lot to your loved ones..

10 Things You can Do to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

A popular saying states that “no man is an island”, which means that everyone needs somebody in their lives. It goes without saying that the people you would want to be part of your life are those that you love. More often than not, the universe conspires to put special people in your life and showing that you care to the people who matter the most to you is a sign of gratitude to the universe for making them part of your life.

There are several ways on how you can make your loved ones feel special and below are some of them.

Give them a hand-written letter

Anyone who receives a hand-written letter will definitely feel special. This is because in this day and age of modern technology, most people often use email or SMS to send out messages, no longer taking the time to write down what they want to say to the person they love. Make your loved one feel special by taking a pen and writing how you feel down on paper. Being able to read your thoughts and feelings in your own penmanship on a special type of paper will definitely make someone you love feel special because they will feel the effort you put into your letter.

Apart from hand-written letters, any handcrafted gift can also make your loved one feel special. This is because handcrafted gifts often have your personal touch, making the recipient feel the love and effort you put into it. Try making a quilt using some of the memorable shirts you have outgrown together, reminding them about the time you spent with each other, or perhaps a useful home decoration such as a DIY photo frame that holds a picture of both of you. These handcrafted gifts will show them that you are willing to put in an extra effort to give them worthwhile keepsakes.

Cook them their favorite meal

You may or may not be good in the kitchen, but regardless of your cooking abilities, gather round your kitchen tools and buy all the ingredients you need to be able to cook them their favorite meal. Of course you need to devote some time learning what they love to eat the most, and how to prepare it. Fortunately, the internet has made any information effortlessly accessible, and this includes how you can cook the favorite meal of your loved ones. Keep in mind that the dish you prepare need not be a five-course meal that is presented in a way that is done in five-star hotels. The important thing is that you are able to follow the recipe and deliver a dish that is palatable, much to the delight of your loved ones.

Take them out on an escapade for no particular reason

Going on a vacation or a particular trip to celebrate a certain occasion is quite common, but embarking on an escapade for no particular reason is pretty extraordinary. Take some time to plan how your adventure will go and intricately dig into the details of your itinerary from where you will go, how you will get there, and what you will do. In the end, all that will be left to do is for your loved ones to pack and go with you. However, you need to keep in mind their interests and what they prefer to do in planning your escapade to ensure that everyone will have a good time in your adventure.

Try to learn their hobbies

Your loved ones will feel delighted to know that you are willing to spend time with them doing what they love to do even if you aren’t really good at it. For instance, if your mom loves to knit or sew, it will be a pleasant surprise if you suddenly ask her to teach you how to make a lovely scarf. When you are done with your project, give it to her as a gift. In the same manner, if your spouse loves to paint or draw, register in an art class together. It doesn’t really matter whether you will be able to follow and generate a masterpiece of your own, but what matters is that you are able to spend time with the people you love, doing the things they are fond of.

Surprise them

Most people love pleasant surprises and there are various ways on how you can amaze your loved ones. You can surprise them with something that they have wanted for quite some time already, such as a mixer if your teen is keen on baking or a running watch if your husband is into marathons. You can also surprise them with something that seems to be unnatural as of the moment, such as bright flowers in a winter season. Try to send some flowers to warm your mom’s day during the cold winter months in Canada when flowers are scarce. Rest assured that a reputable Toronto flower delivery service will ensure a same day delivery of the freshest and brightest blooms possible to your loved one. The key is to pay attention to what they have been pondering recently, or on something that seems to be extraordinary, and come up with a way on how you will be able to surprise them with it.

Nevertheless, surprises don’t always have to be in the form of material gifts. For instance, you can wash your dad’s car even without him asking you to one Sunday morning without expecting anything in return. The greater the element of surprise, the more meaningful it is for your loved ones.

Call them unexpectedly

More often than not, people tend to get caught up in the busyness of their day, leaving no room for any other things. However, no matter how full your day may seem, it will be a caring gesture to call your loved ones unexpectedly perhaps just to ask if they already had lunch, or to remind them to take their medicines. An unexpectedly call often means so much to the receiver and this is because the call implies that they are thought of, even in a busy and stressful day. The next time that you are always on your phone, take a breather and call someone you love just to say hi or just to let them know that they are on your mind.

Spend a tech-free day with them

The advancements in modern technology sure paved the way for a lot of conveniences that brought people over long distances together. However, it is saddening that the same technological progress also seems to bring people who are next to each other further away. Thus, it will mean so much for the ones you love if you will spend a no-gadget day with them. After all, there are several activities that don’t call for being glued to the screen. Make use of this time to sit down and exchange stories over coffee, while still wearing your pajamas, or walk in the park hand in hand. These are the moments that make up the memories worth remembering.

Shower them with sincere compliments

Everybody loves compliments, especially those coming from the ones they love. You can give a compliment on how they look, especially if they have been trying to lose weight lately or build some body mass. Nevertheless, a more effective and sincere form of compliment is to let them know that they are appreciated. Tell them how the little things they do for you, make a significant difference in your life. Another form of compliment is by seeing through them, recognizing their endless potential and seeing their unique beauty, and of course, letting them know about it. You can also let the whole world know about how important they are in your life by introducing them appropriately or letting them feel that you are proud to be seen with them and this is another form of compliment that will definitely be worth it.

Offer help and ask for help

More often than not, the people you love will find it difficult to ask for our help because they don’t want you to worry about them. It is in these instances wherein it is best to offer your help, even if they don’t ask for it. For example, you know that your friend is going through a rough time. You will be able to make your friend feel special in this instance by being there for them, especially during the time that he or she needs it the most. In the same manner, you will also be able to make your loved one feel special by helping out someone they love too, without them having to ask you to. Babysit your cousin to let your aunt spend some time alone for herself and this will definitely make your mom feel special, and of course proud of you too.

Another way of making your loved one feel special is by asking for help because a cry for help implies that they are needed and important because they are the first person you run to in your times of need. A need for help may be as simple as asking them to help you take care of your dog, or as complicated as being there for a friend whose parents are going through a divorce. The important thing here is that asking for help from your loved ones will make them feel special because you recognize their capability to be there for you in times of trouble.

Learn their love language

Finally, but perhaps the best way of making your loved ones feel special is by learning their love language. This is because there are instances wherein no matter what you do to try and make your loved ones feel that they are appreciated and love, nothing seems to work. Sometimes you might think that it may be something that you are doing or other things that you fail to do. But usually, this is not the case; rather, it is just that you are not synced because different people have different love languages.

Experts say that there are five love languages and these are the words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. Making your loved one feel that he or she is special will be more fruitful if you know their particular love language. For instance, your mom’s love language is acts of service. Thereby, she will be able to feel that she is special and loved by you if you help her take out the trash every night or if you offer to load the clothes in the washer, instead of giving her makeup kit or a purse. In the same manner, your husband will be able to feel that he is special if you hug him unexpectedly even if he is all sweaty after fixing your car, especially if his love language is physical touch. Finally, a close friend will be able to feel that he or she is special if you suddenly call and make plans with them to have coffee and spend time together, particularly if his or her love language is quality time.

Making your loved ones feel special will be more effective if you know their particular love language to be able to do the things that will make the message come across clearly. Sometimes, being unaware of the love language of your loved ones becomes a cause of misunderstanding that could have been prevented if you take some time to explore what it is that makes them feel special and happy.

No matter how independent an individual may seem, there will come a point that his or her life will depend on the people he or she truly care about. More often than not, that individual will exert extra effort to show how much those people mean to him or her. It can be through giving of gifts, or spending quality time with them, but regardless of what they do, the important thing is that they are able to make their loved ones feel special and express their gratitude to the universe for giving them a chance to be with the people they care about.

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