10 Things No One Will Tell You About Infertility

Need to understand more about the inability to get pregnant? These are the things no one will tell you about infertility.

10 Things No One Will Tell You About Infertility

Infertility is one of the worst things that can occur to either males or females. It's something that the majority of people do not want to hear. Infertility is the inability to conceive children and reproduce. In more simpler terms, you can't have kids. And there are so many people out there who can't conceive children, so you're not alone. It's pretty common actually and there are treatments to find ways to help you or your partner out.

But when it comes to infertility, there's a lot that you go through. It's not just the idea of not being able to reproduce, but how the news can impact you. Maybe people see it as something minor that can be fixed with a few treatments. Others don't think it's a big deal, and this is the perfect opportunity to adopt a child looking for a new family. But here are the real things no one will tell you about infertility.

It makes you feel hopeless.

When it comes to not being able to conceive children, it can make you feel utterly hopeless. You'll start to believe that you can never have kids and there's nothing out there that will help you. Nothing that will guide you into conceiving a child. You start to see bad news one after another and that's it, you'll never have children of your own.

But that's not true. There are certain treatments you can try to help you have the ability to conceive. Infertility does sound like something that can never be cured, but there are possibilities to take on and hope for the best. Never jump to conclusions, even being infertile shouldn't make you feel hopeless.

It brings a lot of anxiety.

From the things no one will tell you about infertility, it certainly brings a lot of anxiety. You start to overthink things, begin jumping to conclusions, and overall jitter over anything that revolves around infertility. You're not the only one who gets extremely anxious about being infertile.

The second someone is told that they're infertile and they cannot conceive children, it's totally normal to start feeling anxious. You start to think of conclusions of how to work your way around that, and even treatments to help you. For starters, ask for guidance and look for treatments that will hopefully help you.

It's emotionally consuming.

Infertility is definitely emotional consuming, which is among the things no one will tell you about infertility. The idea of the inability to have children starts to consume you and you're overall taken over by the negative emotions and thoughts. However, you don't have to allow this to happen.

Think positive! In situations like these, I know it's tough to be optimistic, but in order to stop the emotions from consuming you, it's your best bet. Talking to your partner and your doctor can allow you to regain your positive emotions again.

Infertility is mentally exhausting.

From constantly overthinking, trying to figure out the best options, and jumping to conclusions can really tire out your brain. Since you're thinking so much, it can eventually take a toll on your brain, and this is definitely one of the things no one will tell you about infertility.

There can be even nights where you stay wide awake trying to absorb everything, tossing and turning, and not getting enough sleep. It's mentally draining and it's also not the best for your health. Try to find ways to settle your brain. Meditating is a great way to help you calm your nerves as well as talking to your doctor about possibilities. You shouldn't be left alone with your thoughts to drain you out.

It can bring actual physical pain.

From stress, overthinking, anxiety, all of this can actually cause physical pain. Since your brain controls your entire body, putting a lot of pressure on it can lead to actual pain like joint aching and terrible migraines. People will get back pain, stomach pain, and anything else in between from infertility.

From the things no one will tell you about infertility, being infertile can bring physical pain. However, this is often rare and it doesn't occur to all people. But aside from the stress and anxiety that's bringing the pain, a person's infertility problems can also be the source of physical pain.

It's not always about you.

When it comes to the inability to conceive children, it's not always about you. Among the things no one will tell you about infertility, in a couple, it can be either partner. Sometimes it won't even be the woman, it can be the man. Or vice versa. In fact, there are even times when both reproductive systems have an issue.

If either you, your partner, or the two of you are infertile, you can talk to your doctor about treatments and other options. There are ways to help you or your partner have a baby, so don't become hopeless and assume that absolutely nothing will help. There are certainly treatments to give you a little push!

The treatments aren't for everyone.

As for the treatments, they aren't for everyone. From the things no one will tell you about infertility, there are a few reasons why treatments won't help someone. Sometimes the options are limited to some people.

For infertile men, a regular In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) won't always work. However, a treatment that's best used for men is Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Aside from that, when going through treatments, just because an IVF worked for certain people, there's a chance that it possibly won't work for you. Everyone reacts to treatments differently, so the outcomes can be different, too. But it doesn't hurt to give it a shot.

It can make you irrational.

From the things no one will tell you about infertility, being infertile can make your irrational. There are so many people who hate hearing that someone got pregnant when they're infertile themselves. They become jealous and hate the fact that they can't have what they have.

If the treatments still don't help you conceive a child, think about it this way: everything happens for a reason. Perhaps you weren't meant to have a child? Perhaps the child you adopted really needed a family? Without a doubt you can treat the child you adopted as your own, because the child herself needed a loving family.

Adopting isn't for everyone.

Speaking of adopting, whether so many infertile people choose this option, adopting isn't for everyone. Just because someone can't conceive a child doesn't mean that they're destined to adopt. There are couples who truly want to grow their family, and they look past adopting, because it's not for them.

However, adopting isn't a bad decision to make in your life if you and your partner can't get pregnant. There are so many children in foster cares who are just waiting to be picked up and gain the happy family scene they never received.

In the end, there might not be a solution for it.

Finally, from the things no one will tell you about infertility, it's possible that there might not be a solution in the end. I know, it's really upsetting to hear, but perhaps you and your partner were never meant to conceive a child. If treatments and adopting doesn't work out for the two of you, you simply have to move on. There are also ways to cope with infertility.

Some people say it also takes a lot of patience, but either way, it's something that life has given you. It will hurt for a while, but the only way to stay positive is leaving everything in the past and focus on the present.

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