10 Best Pregnancy Podcasts for Dads

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If you're expecting and feeling stressed, there are multiple podcasts that can help. Here are the ten best pregnancy podcasts for dads.

10 Best Pregnancy Podcasts for Dads

Becoming a dad can be a tough transition and exhausting experience. Luckily, there are more resources than self-help books out there to get you through it. These days, podcasts are leading the way in offering guidance and support for any kind of situation. So naturally, when you're expecting, there's a roundtable of moms and dads there to help. These podcasts feature perspectives from all kinds of dads with different backgrounds, including musicians and doctors. If you know a dad but aren't one yourself, showing them the existence of these podcasts is a great gift for Dad that he'll actually use. But if you are a dad, whether you're in need of some advice or just need some sort of positive reinforcement, here are the ten best pregnancy podcasts for dads.

Hosted by Tommy Riles and Art Eddy, The Life of Dad Show encourages you to open a beer and listen to other notable celebrity dads including Cal Ripkin Jr., William Shatner, and Drew Brees. The Life of Dad Show currently has over 300 episodes to choose from and has been mentioned on multiple publications, including The Guardian. Riles and Eddy keep a light atmosphere as they trade various parenting stories with their guests. This is a light-hearted podcast that shows some a more human side to athletes and celebrities.

Comedians Nick Nieblas and Shawn Warner lead listeners through a crash course of topics that all dads go through. Some of the more funny episodes include, "Top 5 Reasons Why Kid's Birthday Parties Suck," and "Top 5 Ways to Embarrass Your Kids." The Dadcast is one of the more direct pregnancy podcasts for dads, tackling a vast array of thought provoking subjects, offering alternative takes on things like why you don't have to send your kids to college.

This weekly podcast features two cheeky British dads who rant about various topics including bedtime routines, how to wean your kids off bottles, and medical advice. Many products are mentioned throughout this podcast and are typically listed in the episode's description so you can get the latest on what's mentioned in the show. Hosts Roo Reynolds and Nick O'Leary are both frequent Twitter users, often sharing photos and statuses about their kids.

This podcast features many expert guests, including psychologists and even bestselling authors. Currently on their 80th episode, The Modern Dads Podcast covers topical issues such as transexual fathers, stay-at-home dads, and dads that have kids with disorders such as ADHD and depression.

Hosted by City Dads Group, these three dads occasionally bring their spouses on the show, discussing the ever-changing roles of being a father. One of the more notable episodes is a conversation with author/motivational speaker, Karen Walrond, regarding the #MeToo movement and how fathers can prepare their children for difficult situations. The Modern Dads Podcast is one of the only pregnancy podcasts for dads that isn't afraid to take on controversies and offer fatherly advice.

This podcast is a comedic take on two Midwestern fathers' experiences, including cleaning up messes and dealing with the struggles of building swing sets for your children. The Simple Man's Survival Guide Podcast offers less advice and instead offers funny stories and anecdotes that may make your role of being a dad feel easier. There are many entertaining episodes in this podcast, including "Feces Festival," which goes into detail about potty-training your toddlers.

With over 300 episodes, the Dad Bros Show covers many topics that go beyond being a dad, including brewing beer and riffs on current events. This podcast features many different kinds of dads, like musicians and bloggers who offer alternatives to raising a family. While the Dad Bros Show is among the more popular pregnancy podcasts for dads, they also occasionally get moms' perspectives on certain subjects, such as questions no dad should ask his stay-at-home partner.

In most episodes, hosts Josh and Jon feature a "Drink of the Show," where they highlight various breweries and whiskeys they enjoy. The Dad Bros Show also includes a voicemail hotline where listeners can call and leave a message for the hosts who will answer any questions or offer any advice.

Comedian Justin Worsham hosts this podcast that features many guests, including child therapists and authors. Worsham is entertaining to listen to, having a loud, bubbly, and light-hearted personality that's relatable and helpful. Although it's called The Dad Podcast, Worsham also gears towards men's interests in general. Worsham discusses his marriage and issues that men might deal with on a day-to-day basis.

The Dad Experience: A Parenting Roundtable offers a more straightforward listening experience compared to other pregnancy podcasts for dads. Some of the show's episodes discuss how to keep families together and happy featuring dads with all different backgrounds. Everyone from grandfathers to new dads gathers to share their experiences with raising a family and issues that come along the way. The Dad Experience: A Parenting Roundtable regularly features expert guests such as business owners and writers who offer parenting advice, like the things a dad should never mansplain.

Hosted by two new dads, Seth Singh Jennings and Jamie Tucker, this British podcast touches upon some of the fears and responsibilities of becoming a father. Jennings and Tucker ask for parenting advice from distinguished guests ranging from DJs to doctors, getting lessons that are helpful for all new dads.

In addition to The Good, The Dad & The Ugly: The Fatherhood Podcast's regular hour-long episodes, the podcast also includes short segments called, "Baby Bites." These segments are short and usually entail stories about being in specific situations, such as the "Wilderness Festival Special," in which Tucker goes to a festival with his baby.So if you just found out you're going to be dad and need some advice or a good laugh, you're not alone.

One of the more specific pregnancy podcasts for dads is a Dad's Guide to Twins. This podcast is specifically geared towards fathers of twins. While dealing with more than one crying baby can be a difficult experience, host Joe Rawlinson shares advice at every stage. Rawlinson goes into detail about each stage of their lives, including what to do during pregnancy to raising them as toddlers.

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