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Why Coworking Spaces Are Helping Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Coworking spaces can help in this situation. Coworking spaces are shared offices that enable people or businesses to collaborate and work in a flexible atmosphere.

By Munnazir ZarinPublished 12 months ago 4 min read
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In recent years, Pakistan's startup scene has exploded, with numerous new companies launching across a wide range of industries. But launching a company is not simple, and finding a cheap workplace is one of the major problems that startups deal with. Coworking spaces can help in this situation. Coworking spaces are shared offices that enable people or businesses to collaborate and work in a flexible atmosphere. We'll look at how coworking spaces in Pakistan are helping startups in this blog post.

Inexpensive Office Space

One of the main benefits of coworking spaces is that they provide companies with cost-effective office options. It might be challenging for entrepreneurs to locate an office space that fits within their budget in a nation like Pakistan where real estate rates are high. Contrarily, coworking spaces have variable price structures that enable companies to hire a workspace that meets their requirements and spending limit.

Coworking spaces give companies access to a variety of tools and conveniences that they might not otherwise be able to afford. High-speed internet, office supplies, conference rooms, and other amenities essential to running a business are included. Startups can save money and put it towards expanding their businesses by sharing these tools.

Possibilities for Networking

Coworking facilities can give startups networking chances, which is another benefit. Startups can meet other business owners, independent contractors, and experts from other fields by working in a communal location. Collaborations, alliances, and even potential clients may result from this. In addition to hosting events and courses, coworking spaces also offer additional chances for networking and education.


Especially in the beginning phases of their businesses, startups frequently deal with uncertainty. When it comes to workspace options, coworking spaces are flexible, enabling entrepreneurs to change their workspace to suit their evolving demands. A startup, for instance, might quickly expand to a bigger office if they needed more room. Similar to this, a startup can relocate to a smaller workspace if it has to downsize.

Place Advantage:

Startups can easily access coworking spaces because they are frequently situated in prestigious urban districts. This gives entrepreneurs a location advantage because it enables them to work in a busy neighbourhood without having to pay the expensive rent for an office space nearby.

Community Support:

Coworking spaces offer a supportive environment that can help businesses overcome these difficulties. Establishing a business can be a lonely and difficult path. Startups can share ideas and get feedback from their peers in a collaborative setting provided by coworking spaces. Also, this community offers emotional support, which is essential for entrepreneurs in their first phases.

Enhanced Productivity

With amenities like natural lighting, ergonomic furniture, and quiet areas, coworking spaces are created to increase productivity. Startups benefit from increased productivity and concentration. Another benefit of coworking spaces is a change of scenery from the typical home office or coffee shop, which can boost motivation and creativity.

Governmental backing

The Pakistani government has also acknowledged the value of coworking spaces for businesses and has taken action to encourage the expansion of this sector. For instance, the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) and the government have collaborated to set up a nationwide network of coworking spaces. These coworking spaces are made to encourage entrepreneurship and offer companies with cost-effective office alternatives.

Government loans and subsidies are also available to coworking spaces, which may enable them to increase their facilities and offerings. The government has also started a number of initiatives to teach and advise companies, which frequently meet in coworking spaces.

Tales of Success

Over the years, Pakistan's coworking communities have helped several prosperous startups. For instance, the Lahore coworking space DotZero has helped a number of businesses, such as the carpooling software Savaree and the smart car key startup Car Chabi. These firms acquired money from foreign investors and went on to become prosperous companies.

Similar to this, The Nest i/o in Karachi, Pakistan, is a technological incubator and coworking space that has helped businesses including Patari, a music streaming service, and PublishEX Solutions, a digital publishing platform. In addition to money from investors, these firms have increased the geographic scope of their services beyond Pakistan.


In Pakistan, coworking spaces are crucial in promoting the growth of new businesses. Coworking spaces are assisting entrepreneurs in overcoming the difficulties of beginning a business and achieving their goals by offering cost-effective workspace options, networking opportunities, flexibility, a location advantage, a supportive community, higher productivity, and success stories. Coworking spaces are probably going to play an even bigger role in assisting Pakistan's entrepreneurs and promoting economic progress as the startup culture there continues to expand.

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