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What is the reason for the personalities who rest with the high quality coursework?

It is the responsibility of the children to choose high quality stream

By Sajjad ShareefPublished about a month ago 3 min read

*Superior course selection and outgoing personalities*

When a child is born, parents see their future dreams that their child will become a good child with a good personality. When raising a child who has those desires and ideas, children are brought up carefully in every home thinking that their child should become a great person and benefit the home, society and country.

There are no schools or people who don't listen to where the best place for education is from pre-school to fulfill their dreams.

Due to the changing economic conditions, they enroll their children in government schools and private schools and work hard to ensure that the children achieve good conditions.

Now the children are growing up, crossing many grades and doing well in regular exams.

To bring so much happiness to the father and mother, the child gets special passing grade in all subjects and passing grade in some other subjects.

Now is the time for parents to think right.

Children next reach the stage of high quality subject choices. Then the children themselves have the duty to choose high quality subjects with the guidance of parents and teachers.

The reason is that from primary school onwards, many parents and teachers guide and develop many personalities and skills by themselves, and when they do everything on their own, they get good results in the normal level examination.

On the basis of those results, for example, the parents decide that their child has excelled in mathematics or any other special subject and let their child learn at a high level in that subject.

Thus, we must not forget that if the choices of the parents are seen beyond the child's choice of subjects out of love for the child, we ourselves become the reason to hide the talents of the child's personality.

Whenever a child passes the standard exam and moves to the next level, that child dreams of what his future should be like. Therefore, when guidance is needed to move towards it, parents have a duty to contribute more at that stage.

Because when a child learns and writes an exam through the course choices of parents, sometimes there are opportunities for children to face many hardships in high-quality exams that can be changed to the child's dream or easily improved.

In that way, it is not surprising that the child can get better results and many opportunities easily by choosing the subjects that his child can easily master from the higher level.

Here, I am not telling you not to choose the subjects that have passed well in the normal level, rather, I am presenting here that whichever course can make our child learn easily at a high level is the best choice and will be able to get many more opportunities such as further university opportunities.

The reason is that higher grade is not like normal grade but the subjects are less but the subject areas and methods of learning are different. There is a need to overcome high grade exams by giving concise answers and giving correct explanations and depending on the questions.

Be that as it may, parents want their child to go to university or further studies to become a citizen of good character.

When a child learns at a high level, the personality skills that are seen at the school level grow with that child without knowing it. Not only that, but also involvement in things that develop extracurricular skills.

Therefore, there is no doubt that when a student with good personalities is in the position of finishing high grades, he will be able to go with a different good personality when he steps into the society. Then he will be able to develop additional things naturally with his skills and there is no doubt that he will become better leaders in the future.

But if a student fails to perform at a high level, the first thing to be mentally exhausted is usually on the basis of being a human being, and beyond that, the personality of the student does not disappear due to the incentives provided by the parents at the end of the student's high-quality results.

So it is significant that high-quality students are able to develop their personalities based on their own choice of subjects and become worthy of a better society and still able to easily achieve the dreams of parents and their children.


Sajjad Shareef (ghafoori)


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Sajjad Shareef (Ghafoory) an undergraduate student at South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.Volunteer Global Ambassador of Peace (SL). Writer,Public Speaker and holds the title of Best Educational Personality of the year 2023.

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