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What Are the Objectives of Early Childhood Education

Adapting the surroundings, instilling learning habits, and developing physical, mental, and social skills are few of the objectives of early childhood education.

By Carol WilsonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Early Childhood Education

Little kids are the blooming buds of our society, and therefore, it becomes important to nurture these young minds so that they become responsible citizens tomorrow. Hence, it is necessary to start molding these kids right from childhood to help them identify the good and the bad, make them understand cultural differences and form a foundation which will help them in their life journey. The young brains are more susceptible to danger if not given appropriate guidance and hence it is necessary to teach them the right things to have a more fruitful future.

When the kids are young, they are curious about every new thing they see, every new word, and often have unlimited questions for every unique experience they go through. Enrolling a child in a school or club makes him/her adapt to new surroundings and also contributes to overall development. The early childhood education is aimed at making the child independent, creating a positive and well-balanced self-image and developing intellectual abilities. It also has a few other objectives that are listed below.

Fosters Socializing Skills

Early childhood education aims to develop friendships among children belonging to the same age group. These schools provide the kids with an environment that encourages interaction with other kids, builds strong friendships, and also helps them come out of their comfort zones. As a result, a child can overcome his/her shyness and mingle with others thus promoting social development.

Develops an Enthusiasm for Learning

As kids learn their initial lessons through different play and structured activities, it lays the foundation for learning and also develops their imagination power. The thirst to acquire more knowledge and not rest until the satisfactory answers have been obtained is built at this very stage. The basics of reading and writing are covered in these schools and also help a child realize the importance of education in life.

Promotes Holistic Development

Education in early days guarantees all round development of the child. The environment in such schools lays the foundation for a kid's physical, social, emotional and mental development which are crucial factors for later stages in life. As a kid gets an environment where he/she can freely express ideas and feelings, it helps to identify the weak areas of the child and also determine what steps must be taken or what support should be given to overcome those weaknesses.

Teaches the Kids to Respect

The kids often try to emulate the behavior they observe. When they observe positive and respectful relationships between their parents or different teachers and the caretakers at school, they will simply try to follow the same. Infant education instills in the kids the necessity of respecting the feelings of other toddlers, their surroundings as well as listening to instructions from the teacher. It also teaches them to handle their belongings properly and not damage them.

Develops Sharing and Team Work Attitude

Early education ensures that the child learns to co-operate and share his/her belongings with others. It might happen that a child does not share toys with his/her sibling at home and just fiercely opposes the idea at school during the first few days. Though it might get difficult to convince a stubborn child, it is essential that he/she learns the art of sharing at an early age. Also, the activities in these schools are aimed at building an ability to respect the opinion of others, develop listening skills and promote teamwork. Apart from this, these schools teach resilience to kids through experiences. A child may lose in a race or get minor bruises, but it may teach the kid how to cope with greater challenges in life.

Early childhood education involves a lot more than just play and fun learning. It teaches the children basic education and inculcates life skills through active and hands-on experiences. It also develops positive self-esteem, love for learning and mutual respect for others.


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