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Virtual Learning in a Global Pandemic

by Alyssa Johnson 2 years ago in pop culture
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Parents need Input

School is closed indefinitely. But to justify teachers' salaries and to continue to receive funding from the state....I now introduce you to - SCHOOL AT HOME. That's right folks; a complete and utter fucking mess which includes an itinerary straight off the school bus as if these poor babies are physically entering the school. My daughter is 6 and while entering 1st grade, she is advanced enough to be in 3rd grade. She does extremely well with virtual learning and pretty much everything else. I already work from home so no problem there...Wanna know the issue I have with all of this? These ridiculous and ill thought out plans to make this virtual learning experience reminiscent of them actually being in school. I mean for God sakes, are we really asking 6 year olds to have virtual PE? And why, just why do some of these school districts require these kids to wake up and put on a uniform? Listen up teachers and faculty - These kiddos are at home. That's right - HOME. Dealing with a Global Pandemic - AT HOME. Missing their friends and family. AT HOME. Missing outside. AT HOME. While you are requiring that we, parents act as if it is normal that our kiddos are getting up, getting dressed, only to sit back down in their bedroom or kitchen table to be in front of a zoom for 8 hours a day, the least you could do is stop pretending all of this is okay. Since school has started, my daughter eats more. Know why? Because breakfast, snack, lunch and then more snacks are included in the school schedule. My daughter wouldn't even think of eating this much if it wasn't "required". And guess who is administering all of this food? Certainly not the school cafeteria. I'm blessed. I admit that. I am able to stay home with my daughter as a single mom during a pandemic but damn! As soon as I get back into the groove of work, here she comes running down the stairs with an issue of not being able to log into one of her fifty-thousand zoom classes. And that's the other thing - Why so many usernames and passwords? As an adult I'm already drowning in username/password combo hell. Can we just have all the teachers enter the same room at their designated time? Who came up with this plan? I need to speak to the manager STAT. Anyone else feeling this way? Anybody?

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