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Real Reason You Can't Fall Asleep

Why Is It So Hard To Fall Asleep?

By Amine OubihPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Real Reason You Can't Fall Asleep
Photo by Quin Stevenson on Unsplash

We’ve all been there. You’ve just come to bed, looking at your dark ceiling, and straight it up. Even though you have tossed and turned so many times, still nothing seems to work as expected. Every time you simply tuck one side of the body on a mattress, you will not avoid flipping yourself to the other side after just a few minutes. Every sound, even a whispery or short one, sounds like it is the loudest; the tires of a car slowly passing by outside that window can make you feel like the sound of the whole street is ripping through. The slightest creak coming from your home or flat echoes like some apocalyptic announcing sound. And as you lay there, feeling grumpy and exhausted but unable to rest, you can’t help but wonder one seemingly simple question: what is making it difficult for me to fall asleep?

Although sometimes – to be sure – irritating, the fact that we all have experienced it indicates that sleep issues are not so rare. From there we go to the pain of the whole thing as well. As a matter of fact, good sleep quality is the key priority and the human necessity. It is as crucial as swallowing food, drinking water and even breathing for survival. Sleeping properly allows our bodies enough time to rest and letting us get energized to face next day. As early as childhood, sleep even facilitates our physical growth and development, thus, infants, youngsters, and adolescents require more sleep than adults in maturity.

It is not that you will require less sleep as you age, as you still need to sleep at any age in order to help you remain healthy having your immune system working properly to fight infections, recovering from injuries and basically boost your overall health and mental well being.

Besides, the bad level of sleep can raise this very threatening issue known as sleep deprivation too, especially. Along with that comes sleeping less than the recommended amount, having a direct impact on the way your body works on a daily basis. For instance, the one who has been sleep deprived can unexpectedly fall asleep piloting a car, thus, putting other drivers, pedestrians in danger. They may get injured or die. In addition to that, sleep loss is also related to some severe physical consequences, like that you are more likely to get a stroke, heart disease, and hypertension. Besides that, it may result in the individual’s state of mind fluctuate between feeling anxious, irritable, or even depressed.

Although we might believe that sleep is an effortless process by an organism, in reality, it is a factor that is more peculiar and can be affected by both of the internal and external processes. Being over-slept can also be disadvantageous same as not getting enough sleep. However, overhearing a squeaking sound while you are trying to fall asleep doesn’t necessarily cause you to be awake. Occasionally, even the food and drinks you consume may all play a role in your sleep.

However, there’s really nothing to worry about since we’re going to discuss some of the most common causes of sleeplessness and if you’ve detect that you can’t get all the rest you need, you also can try some of the at-home remedies we are going to suggest. First and foremost, a quick and very important thing to note: In case you are experiencing persistent sleep disturbance over a period of time than usual, the most important thing to do is to talk to your general practitioner as soon as possible. It should be pointed out that there are some health problems that bring harm to your sleep directly, but it is not recommended self-diagnosing and definitely not trying to treat yourself without getting proper treatment. The worst-case scenario is that you get even worse sleep problems so, you may need to consult a medical practitioner before you use an over-the-counter product. If you've been experiencing awful sleep for quite some time now, don't forget to make a visit to the doctor first. In essence, we’re here to bring to your attention the most common causes of sleeplessness and, if any of these are relevant to you, hopefully, you can derive something useful from this Article

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  • Mika Okaabout a month ago

    There can be so many reasons for not able to sleep

Amine OubihWritten by Amine Oubih

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