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Projector Lamps - All FAQs that you should know about

by Digital Minds India 4 months ago in product review

Lets take knowledge about what is projector lamp, when need a projector service, why you need to replace projector lamp, & all other FAQs people ask about a projector lamps/bulbs.

Projector Lamps - All FAQs that you should know about

A projector lamps or we call it as a projector bulbs, is the most important part in any kind or LED/LCD projectors which can be replaceable whenever you need.

Lets take a deep knowledge about what technology is it, when you would need a projector service, why you need to replace projector lamp, and all FAQs that you should know about a projector lamps/bulbs.

What is projector lamp?

What is a projector lamp or projector bulb? Projectors need a light source to produce a projection. For that it need an ultra-high pressure mercury vapor ARC lamp, which can be produced via metal halide lamps or ultra-high pressure lamp only. That is what a projector lamp/bulb technology is.

NOW, you should also know about how projector lamps works.

How projector lamps work?

In a projector bulb, you will fined an ARC gap filled with pressurized mercury vapor, which is ultra-high pressurized. Whenever it get electric current across the pressurized ARC area, then it lights the UHP mercury vapors which produces an extremely bright light. That is how a projector lamp operates.

The bright light produced by the projector lamp or projector bulb, appears onto a LCD/DLP screen or panel, which turns the light (produced by projector lamps) into images. This is how the projector technology works & known a Ultra-high LED Projector.

A projector lamps can be costly because this is an very complex technology, that is hard to made by manufacturers too. That is why projector lamps are so expensive.

Projector lamps lifespan

You've been see 7000, 8000 & even one projector lamp company claiming 10,000 hours of projector lamp lifespan. Beware, these days, brands comes and goes.

Here we are talking about the Ultra-high pressure mercury lamps which needs to be maintained & are used in the vast majority of projectors. It means only 50% of the lamps will reach the rated lamp life because manufacturing imperfections and projector owner disregard of protecting the lamp from overheating or rapid cooling, some lamps will fail early.

Average projector lamps last between 1,500 and 2,000 hours. But what after 2000 hours? You might probably need to replace projector lamp.

7 Factors That Differentiate Projector Lamps

Factors or things you should keep in mind & check before buying projector or just lamp part of the projector.

1. Life Span

2. Cost

3. Rainbow Effect

4. Brightness

5. Color Performance

6. Power-up times

7. Size & Sound

Projector Lamp replacement

As the world becomes more digital, projection is becoming more and more common. With a projector that needs repair services, you'll likely find yourself with an empty wall ready for something new. The right lamp for your projector can make a big difference in image quality, brightness, and lifespan. As well as, an experienced projector repair service providers can fix it quickly which can increase its durability. Also, there 3 signs a projector lamps denotes when there is a need of projector lamp replacement.

Digital Minds India has come a long way from its beginnings which makes them Leading Projector Lamps Seller & Best Projector Repair Service provider in Delhi. If you have a projector that no longer produces an image, you'll also hopefully find yourself with online projector lamps & projector repair service ready to perform for you.

Acer, Sanyo, BenQ, Sony, Panasnic, Epson, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, are some top brands projector lamps that you can get from them for your projectors. There are wide range of high-quality projector lamps that would be ready to get replaced with your projectors.

We also hope that our reviews help you to figure out the type of projector lamp that is suitable for your needs. Thank You!

product review

Digital Minds India

We also hope that our reviews help you to figure out the type of projector lamp that is suitable for your needs.

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