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Meditation techniques to achieve deeper states o consciousness

Mantra compilations for your meditation program

By Christodoulos PeratikouPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
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Meditation techniques to achieve deeper states of consciousness

Mantra compilations for your meditation program

Meditation is a technique that all religions use to come closer to light and god. All methods have their importance and spiritual movements have the same goal. But what makes the difference in the field of meditation, is the experience of practicing all those methods.

I have been practicing this spiritual method for thirty years now, along with teachers and monks, and I am feeling that I am in the beginning yet. The knowledge I got is not mine, but comes from above and the masters that passed it to me.

This is the time, where only by helping each other we can overcome the anxiety and fear of life. It is very difficult nowadays to have spare time to investigate in depth the large playground of meditation. This is why I am going to reveal some useful techniques and mantras that can be fixed in your meditation program and help you have a better balance in your daily life.

Mantras that will enrich your daily meditation program

The first set of mantras I am going to suggest are small mantras that have a rhythmic tone and I use them up to an hour, fifteen minutes each. A beginner has to practice them less time, in the chanting zone of his program.

Hreeng, green, hreeng

Hrom zoom saha

Howm vum joom saha

Hreem aham ksvim svaha

The second set of mantras refer to the names of Lord Christ:

Syrya: the sun / Om shreem suryaya namah

Ravi: the radiant one/ Om shreem ravyaya namah

Vivasvan: the shinning one/ Om shreem vivasvanaya namah

Pushan: the nourisher/ Om shreem pushanaya namah

Arkya: the bright one/ Om shreem arkyaya namah

Dinapati: the lord of the day/ Om shreem dinapataya namah

Bhaskara: the source of light/ Om shreem bhaskaraya namah

Kartagara: the master of light/ Om shreem kartagaraya namah

The third set of mantras have to do with colors:

Visualization of colors is one of the most powerful meditation techniques. Each color corresponds to a certain chakra and level of consciousness. The following mantras can also be included in the chanting zone of your meditation program or as a preparation for the main meditation.

Om hreem shreem kleem nilah ksham phat ( nilah=blue )

Om hreem shreem kleem haritah kshamphat ( haritah=green)

Om hreem shreem kleem pitah ksham phat (pitah=yellow)

Om hreem shreem kleem patalah kshamphat (patalah=rose)

Om shreem hreem kleem dhumalavarnah ksham phat (dhumalavarnah=violet)

Om shreem hreem kleem svetah ksham phat ( svetah=white)

Om shreemhreem kleem raktah ksham phat ( raktah=red colour)

How to apply all these techniques

Never play the role of a guru. For some people the above will be use-full and for some others will not. It depends on what level is each one of us and I strongly recommend to follow a meditation teacher for becoming a meditator. I you are sKeptical using them ask your teacher for instructions.

A meditation or yoga teacher will lead you from a to z, without any danger and has the knowledge to guide you how to use extra mantras and methods, beyond his owns.


We are in an era of transformation in all the fields of our existence. Only with love, respect and compassionate spiritual work we will successfully overcome the problems that will arise ahead of humanity. Meditation is a grade way to relax and spread light into the world which is so much needed.

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I am a school teacher and a writer.I like meditation and i have tried a variety of techniques thirty years now. I also like spending some time playing in the garden and growing plants,flowers and taking care of trees.

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