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Meditation is an art

The correct way to meditate

By Christodoulos PeratikouPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
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Meditation is an art

The correct way to meditate

Meditation is the most beautiful journey. Meditation is a journey of consciousness from the external material world to the inner light of the heart and then to the union with the cosmic entity. It is not something abstract, but a process in which our whole being participates and therefore deserves the corresponding attention.

It can become an abstract process when the practitioner is distracted by various internal or external things during meditation and is not concentrated.

To succeed, therefore, in the effort to train ourselves to relax deeply whenever we want, we must know that there are stages that we must follow to achieve transcendence and, therefore, complete relaxation.

However, before I mention these stages, I would like to emphasize first the benefits of meditation, which are of course many, but I will only list the basic ones.

Some basic benefits of meditation

1. Increases the practitioner's self-confidence and drives away depression, claustrophobia, panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress, and creates a feeling of euphoria.

2. It clears the mind and makes it more focused and effective, ready to face everyday challenges more easily.

3. Ensures better physical health, as it lowers blood pressure, treats insomnia, ensures better sleep, strengthens the immune system, and increases gray matter in the brain.

Preparation for meditation

There are many ways for the practitioner to prepare for meditation. I will deal specifically with the mental preparation and not with the physical one because this is also the goal of the article.

Before we start meditating with the technique, we like and have learned (breathing, mantra, transcendental, visualization, scanning, observation, Zen, image), we must give the command to our brain to remove the thought from the surroundings and the cosmic slowly and steadily. But how will it do that without the right tools?

Some practitioners use prayer, others relaxing music and images, others the flame of a candle or energy therapy with their hands, and furthermore, others visualization. The most well-known visualization, which is used by some as the main meditation, is the one of the microcosmic orbit.

Here, I will present to you a variation of this meditation, which is used by many monks and is not known to the world, but it is simple and very effective.

The visualization of the inner light

"We visualize a white dot, like a firefly that we see from afar, without the light aura that surrounds it. We imagine it starting from the big toe of our foot and heading towards our ankle. It stays there for a while and then slowly goes to our knee, to the hip joint to the navel, to the solar plexus, to the heart to the neck, and then to the third eye, making small stops at these points for relaxation. Then, it traces a semicircular orbit and ends in the center of the chest. There, the light begins to grow like a radiant light bulb, like a shining sun that emits more and more light."

This easy exercise is relaxing and causes immediate relaxation in the muscles of the body, chest, and mind. For those who don't know, the variation of the microcosmic orbit is more complicated. It starts from the point of the navel, travels backward passing and making a stop at all the chakras of the back, and ends at the navel again, after passing through the third eye, the throat chakra of the heart, and the solar plexus. During this exercise, the light is intense sun, like a firefly.

The use of rhythmic sounds

Another method of preparation can be the hymn, therapeutic music, or even therapeutic sounds that not many people know, but there are quite a few of them. I will not mention many, but those that are less known. These sounds have no meaning that tires the mind and are rhythmic, that is, they present melody. I present them and with them the chakras that benefit

Kram, krim, kraoum - first chakra

Dram, drim, droum - second chakra

Hram, hrim, hraoum - third chakra

Bram, brim, braoum- fifth chakra

Pram, prim, praoum -third eye

Gram, grim, graoum- crown

Main meditation

After we relax enough in this way, we start without moving from our position to the main meditation, which is usually a mantra, a word that can have meaning or not. The various existing types of yoga schools use mantras in their daily routine of meditation.

By repeating the mantra effortlessly, we enter a state of complete calm, withdraw from the outside world, and enter into transcendence. There are no words to easily describe the bliss that the practitioner feels when he completely forgets his ego and unites with his divine essence. His whole being is pulsating from love to everybody and everything. All of his thoughts and feelings are changing, and the omnipresence of god overwhelms him.

Since, therefore, the calm is deep, we must always be careful of loud noises, from mobile phones that must be checked before meditation to be closed and of course from strange animals

After the meditation

Many meditators after the meditation stay lying on the floor to return or even do a little massage on themselves for numbness, listening to light music or hymns. If the restoration is difficult, they use walking and light stretching exercises.


Meditation is a very good method for us to deal effectively with all our psychosomatic problems and be successful in our daily activities. The benefits of it are many and are referred to in numerous studies that have been done.

I recommend for anyone who decides to get involved, to find a good teacher first and read enough on the subject. We need to be a little strict with the meditation process for better results.

Extremes in meditation can cause problems instead of solving them, and in addition, we need to know that what we have today as humanity, has been built and is based on the teachings and sacrifices of the great sages and mysteries of humanity who gave their lives to God and meditation, regardless of their religion and the technique they used.


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