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The quantum internet and the competition between West and East.

It will transform our lives.

By Christodoulos PeratikouPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
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The quantum internet and the competition between West and East

It will transform our lives completely

In the past few years, the quantum internet has gone through great changes.

There is a lot of competition in this field of science and large amounts of money are invested in computing companies. The quantum allows transmission and teleportation of massive data from one place to another, faster than the traditional network.

This new encoding method is safer from the classic methods, because it is based on the lows of classic mechanics, which differ from the lows of classical physics.

In contrast with the traditional method of encoding which can break from strong computers, quantum encoding is literally unbreakable. Every attempt to hack the quantum computer will be spotted and will be eliminated automatically. On the other hand, it can be easily used to hack the old system.

Furthermore, quantum encoding can also be used for safe communication between two or more parties.

How quantum internet works

The traditional pc stores the information in the form of a bit, which is an encoding system with alternative elements, ‘0’or ‘1’.

The quantum computer works with a qubit or quantum bit. This can take more than two alternative values, not only ‘0’ and ’1’, but all the alternative values between ‘0’and ‘1’.

Furthermore, the internet transactions today use the protocol RSA for their safety. A classic computer is very difficult to take a result and carry out the reverse calculation, but quantum computers can effortlessly reverse it.

The day when quantum computers will decode the usual security of our personal, bank and government data will remain in history as the ‘Q- day’.

Quantum internet future applications

Scientists use the computers to understand the way nature operates. Material Science and the Chemistry, occupies a large number of these scientists. Until now they have the knowledge about the interaction between atoms and cores, but it is very difficult to execute equations for big molecules or complex materials. Quantum computers will be able to give solutions in these problems

The calculating chemistry will be able to discover new pharmaceutical products and new materials. New laws of physics will be discovered and scientists will have a better understanding on how the universe works.

Furthermore, quantum computers will run highly secure encryption systems. This will benefit finance, cyber-security and privacy.

Also, the quantum internet can connect quantum computers with quantum sensors and enable them to collect and process data. This will benefit the field of self- driving cars, robotics and medical diagnosis.

Troubles using quantum computers

• They have to operate in complete isolation i special fridges and work closely to absolute zero degrees ( - 273 degrees celsius)

• They operate with more complicated algorithms than the old computers and this makes the information that qubits encode illegible.


• Richard Feyman was the first scientist who proposed the protocol of quantum computing, in 1950.

• The development of quantum algorithms occurred in 1982.These could solve problems which traditional computers couldn’t solve ( David Deutsch develops the Deutsch - Jozsa algorithm).

• In 1985, Peter Shor developed the Shor algorithm.

• Lov Grover developed the Grover algorithm in 1996.

• Google announced the development of the ‘ Sycamore’ quantum computer in 2012, which could perform calculations that were impossible for classical pc’s.

• Project Quess, a Europe - Asian collaboration of projects, in 2016 announced a video contact between Chinese and Austrian scientists that was accomplished by using quantum computers with the help of a satellite.

• In 2024, Google demonstrated the capabilities of ‘Sycamore’ and made the quantum super-computer of IBM (Summit) to look like a toy.

• ‘ Qu-tech consortium in the Netherlands, in 2022 announced that mote they had created the first multi-node quantum internet, which connected three quantum processors.

• In 2022, IBM conveyed the Eagle quantum computer, which was the first commercially available quantum pc with more than 100 qubits.

• Nowadays the most powerful quantum computer is ‘Osprey’ of IBM which has 433 qubits (2022).

China doesn’t sleep and leads the way

• China’s ‘Micius’ quantum program accomplished the transportation of photons between two Chinese towns about 750 miles apart, and its discoveries were published in 2007 in ‘Science’.

• Moreover, in Jinan a secret ground network was created. That offered the chance of quantum encryption of messages to 200 clients from military, government and energy organizations, placed in one army controlled territory.

• In 2018, China set up a quantum communication network between Beijing and Shanghai.

• In 2020, its own ‘Jinzhang’ quantum PC figured its own way to tackle on, issue in a span of 200 seconds. A supercomputer would achieve such a task in 2,5 billion years. Thrown Chinese innovation made Google’s pc appear as if it was an unimportant game.


The advancements in the field of quantum computing will give resolutions to difficult and complex issues. A new world of information and limitless possibilities has been born. The new era of ‘qubits’, mass and fast quantum data teleportation, and arm races will be a reality soon. Can we stand all these as humanity? Can we get through another horror movie?


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  • Test7 months ago

    Excellent effort! Keep up the superb work

  • Staringale7 months ago

    With this article you have provided a comprehensive overview of the developments in quantum internet technology in recent years, exploring the potential advantages and challenges of this cutting-edge field. You have effectively elucidated the technical aspects of quantum internet, explaining the differences between traditional computing methods and quantum computing, as well as the potential applications of this technology in various fields such as material science, chemistry, finance, cyber-security, and healthcare. Furthermore, the historical timeline of quantum internet development and the competitive landscape between Western and Eastern countries, particularly China, adds a compelling dimension to the article. It captures the fierce competition and notable achievements in the advancement of quantum computing, showcasing how countries are vying for leadership and breakthroughs in this field. Great work.

CPWritten by Christodoulos Peratikou

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