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InFormally Educated

Shaping A Non-Conventional Study Plan

By Jessica BuggPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
InFormally Educated
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Photo Caption: All of the people seen in this photo possess a degree from an institution of higher learning . . . I do not.

“Now what do we have, ladies and gentlemen, fake law schools churning out fake lawyers.

It used to be in order to be a barrister, you would work under a man of the law and read his books; and when he deemed you ready you would sit for the bar.”

Dr. Larry Matheny, Centre College, Professor, and Esteemed Lecturer

May his philosophical and keepin it real wisdom live long past his lifetime. RIP Dr. Matheny.

In PostModern America Being Smart Without Money Is A Penalty

This won’t be one of my funny pieces, satire, maybe. Honest? Most definitely.

No one knows the pain of being a smart kid but a poor kid unless you lived it. Honestly, even now, looking back and seeing people who were not as adept at learning and concepts; critical thinking and innnovating, being nurtured at the titties of pay to play academia

Let me say that part again . . .

Pay to Play academia.

it kind of sucks.

I have buddies who went to fucking Sciences Po who other than shooting out of the right vagina, honestly shouldn’t have been there.

I know I’m being salty and petty. But that’s part of my charm.

In Some Ways, There’s Poetic Justice For Those Of Us Who Dropped Out

It honestly is a shitty feeling to see people kick it in college while you work two jobs in your late teens and early 20s because you have to pay bills.

I think that’s why so many dropouts end up surpassing many of their peers who bought their paper.

We are hungrier.

So when I see authors and writers on here who got to camp out at Camp Academe located at the intersection of delusion and Ivory Towers and bitch about money . . .

I think good. The tables have turned.

I told yall this would be petty, salty, but it’s honest AF.

But We Cannot Progress While Resting In Saltiness And Shade

So now that I have gotten out my page 1 and 2 of shady hate . . . I want to discuss this weird project idea I feel very drawn to. Maybe someone has already done it? I don’t care.

I don’t even care if it makes money. Yeah, I said that.

In order to achieve greatness and the liberty of a free mind; one need not go to a college or a university. One only need to seek out great men and read what it is they have read.

Get over your pronoun shit for this excerpt. Dr. Matheny is dead and he was speaking as was proper for his era. He wouldn’t care if you were man, woman, or both, or neither; as long as you were seeking truth, enlightenment, and progress.

Project To Be Named

I am compiling a list of recommended reading: classics, contemporary, plays, prose, manga, graphic novels, anything written that I will be covering in articles, on Twitter, and I am breaking down and producing video content which means I have to do my makeup more regularly FML.

I Want The Kid That Was In My Shoes To Know That You Can Be Educated Without A Formal Degree

I honestly thought I had gotten over the hurt, resentment, and feeling of failure in regards to this subject, but I found I could not fight the tears from falling as I typed the above subtitle.

I cannot reform the educational system. I even switched my party vote to help alleviate student loan debt for people (which I haven’t seen happen).

I am choosing to take matters into my own hands.

Education and the ability to learn from others has never been more accessible yet for those who may need it the most, may not even know something like this is a possibility.

Volume of Work, Legacy, And What Outlives You

Sorry this wasn’t funnier for my regular reader. You guys get the fortune or misfortune of seeing all sides of me as a creator. From the most ridiculously outrageous and funny; to the more shadowy side.

I think because I don’t write perfectly, don’t know what an em-dash is, I am white trash in the great city of Jacksonville, Florida, I didn’t grow up middle class, I think maybe the people who may benefit may relate to me more so than someone who seems super professional.

I am thankful for the professional, formally educated people who are assisting me with this project.

We Cannot Continue To Wait Around For Someone To Save Us

And the first step is in education and education reform. If you have been waiting for someone else to do it and they haven't? Guess what, you are probably the one who should be doing it.

We have to stand up and be our own heroes in this narrative. It has always been important, but never more important than in the here and now.

Final Thoughts:

There is no call to action on this one. Unless you want to drop a literary recommendation, that would be incredible.

Or if you know someone who is working two jobs to survive and couldn’t pursue what we call a “formal education” maybe you could show them some of my stuff as the Project/Series progresses . . . so they will know they aren’t alone.

Maybe we call it,

Informally Educated?


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  • Carol Townend2 years ago

    In the U.K. where I was born and bred, I worked hard for the certificates I gained at school, only to have my Record of Achievement that held my certificates including my G.C.S.E certificates (as they were back then) stolen from me and my life disrupted by mental health and many instances of violence. I never had top grades, but those certificates were then important in gaining work or college access. Nevertheless, I never let that or my low grades stop me. I chose to do the one thing I always dreamed of doing and became a writer and author. I don't need my formal education to achieve, I only need myself.

Jessica BuggWritten by Jessica Bugg

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