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How to Come up with A Blog Name 10 Proven Methods

How to Come up with A Blog Name 10 Proven Methods

By Mohamed RifthyPublished 3 years ago • 4 min read

Hope you have made your best decision of your life by choosing blogging as a side income or your passion. You will not come to check On How To Come Up With A Blog Name post if you do not take that decision right? 🙂

But where should I start blogging? First find your niche

Yay, you found your niche.

Now, what next?

Come Up with a Name for your Blog Isn’t it?

The simple truth is there are techniques to come up with good blog titles that we likely would not have thought on our own.

Facts you should consider when coming up with a Blog name

What you going to write about in the blog / in other words, what is your selected niche?

Are you going to build a brand around your Blog?

Are you going to create a store with your brand name?

Is the domain name available for the blog name?

Is the available domain name banned in Google? Or Adsense?

Are Social media profiles/page names available to create?

Read the full articel at

How To Come Up With a Website Blog Name [That Represents Your Brand Name]

These are some of the tried method I use and my blogger friends’ use for catchy, attractive blog names

1. Look At Competitors’ Blog Names

Did you do your competitor research? If so, you are good to go

If not, do thorough research and come back not only for the blog name but also for making your Blog more competitive in the niche you have selected.

You do not need to copy their name. You need to check their name for ideas. How they have combined words? Did they misspelled the words and got a catchy name? Is it in another language? You can check these to read your audience’s mindset.

2. Use Name Generator Website / Tool

One of my favorite tools for come up with a new word combinations is This name generator tool allows you to set your own limits on the kind of unique words you want to create using AI. That’s it now all you need to do is click “submit” and browse through the suggestions.

3. Thesaurus for an attractive name

If you want to say something different and uniquely, Try Thesaurus. This will give you some catchy words that sound similar and much more intriguing to the ears.

A scan of the word “hike” pulls up suggestions such as trek, trip, backpack, and excursion. These can be used along with other words to make a much more pleasing name for hiking or traveling blog.

4. Take Inspiration from Books

Are you a book lover?

Books contain more brandable names than the internet. You can always get an idea or word from the books.

Make sure your words are shorter in length and understandable to your audience.

5. Try other languages for the blog name

If you’re looking to stand out unique in a Crowded market, choosing an abstract Term or Term in a language other than English Could be an excellent way to draw attention to yourself

Better try to choose a name shorter in length and easy to pronounce.

6. Use Expired Domains for Name Ideas

You can use for ideas. In, you can find new ideas for your blog name.

If you provide your seed keywords (Base idea for the name), this site will generate domain names that are dropped and on sale and Auction.

You might find some fancy names for a high price. Oops, a bumper, you think, right?

Do not skip this part I am not asking you to buy that high priced domain.

But you can get an idea from that, like what kind of words goes with your base idea, How you can monetize the domain. You might find some real gem here.

Bonus Tip

If you are lucky enough, You may find a dropped domain with good backlinks and better domain authority.

This will give you a boost in SEO, even if you are website is Brand new.

7. Shuffle Words To Come Up With A Perfect Blog Name

What if you have come up with the best name for your Blog and you really like it, and it is easily brandable

But, it is registered. Oops, Isn’t it a bumper… Do not give up on the name yet.

You can use a range of methods such as suffixes, phonemes, and prefixes, to mention a few, so in order to think of alternative name suggestions that usually end up being better. But It is not advisable to use Hyphens and character

8. Alliteration The Savior

Alliteration has an almost musical quality which allows a sentence to flow fluidly from one word to the next and can be a rhyming word to remember.

Try out alliteration when coming up with your blog name by using the identical letter for each word on your title

9. Use Shorten words (Abbreviation)

Abbreviations are fine because they keep things short and sweet without removing your Brand and identity. You can abbreviate your whole blog name or mix it up by Part abbreviating.

Example — WPbeginner

10. Use Your Own Name

If you’ve checked all of the above methods and run out of domain name ideas for your site, then you might always go to your basic and keep your own name to the title of your Blog. Huge Numbers of bloggers have become hugely successful with self-named sites.

Final Thoughts

Hope these ideas helpful for you to find your first and best blog name. If you have any suggestions or ideas to enhance this post.

Please drop it down or drop an e-mail lets share it and help our buddies.

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