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By Mohamed RifthyPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Neuraltext Review

Content Marketing can be one of the best and most effective traffic channels for your online business regardless of the type and size of the business.

However, as with anything that is highly effective, it is not quite easy to compete with the best content in your niche and outrank your competitors. One of the biggest challenges in SEO and content marketing, in general, is to get ideas for the content.

Consistency in content generation is a hugely important aspect in succeeding with content marketing.

NeuralText is a tool that promises to help in this aspect and a few other additional features in SEO like keyword research. How good is it? Let's find out in this review.

Dashboard & User Interface

Once the sign-up process is done, the dashboard looks nice and intuitive with sidebar navigation for Keywords, Content, and Smart Copy.

NeuralText - Dashboard

Keyword research is one of the primary features of NeuralText to generate keyword ideas for your content generation. It is as simple as just entering a primary keyword and NeuralText provides you with a list of keywords you can work on that relates to the primary keyword.

NeuralText - Keyword Research

The best part is for all the keywords listed, you get the monthly search volume, PPC competitive score, and the average cost per click for the keyword. Although these data are very useful, I would have preferred an SEO competitive score as well that shows how difficult or easy it is to rank for the specific keyword on SERPs.

The searches you make are saved and can be accessed later as well. You can either see the results again or export them to use later.

NueralText - Keyword Search Download

You can also group the keywords as Keyword Clusters that will make it easy for organizing your content ideas.

NeuralText - Keyword Cluster

When it comes to the Smart Copy, the first thing to do is to define a campaign name. Once the campaign name and description are done, you get all the copywriting tools listed to choose from.

Product Description

It is quite an extensive list of copywriting tools covering almost every kind of need to help you in writing good copy for your business.

Grab the Lifetime Deal of NeuralText

For Blog Ideas, you have to give the primary name of the blog, your target audience, and a brief description of your product and service.

NeuralText - Blog Ideas Generation

When I generated ideas for the term "Sales Funnel Mapping and Planning", the blog ideas that NeuralText gave were a mixed bag. Some were quite good, while the others were quite irrelevant. However, the good ones can be an easy starting point to build your content around.

NeuralText - Blog Ideas Generation

A feature I was quite impressed with was the Blog Outline Generator. With minimal input, it gave a very good outline of how the content can be structured for the topic I wanted to write.

NeuralText - Blog Post Outline

You get quite a few results to choose from based on the quality of content generated. Overall, the output was very relevant and something that could be of real use in writing detailed articles.

Another feature I was quite interested to try out was the Deck Outline and how well it helps you prepare for a pitch deck or a presentation. I was quite pleased to see the results and the quality of points generated.

NeuralText - Deck Outline

Although each point might not be relevant to your specific needs, you can certainly get some golden nuggets as a starting point for your presentation.

The catchy subject line for emails works in a similar way where you have to enter your product or service description and you get a list of subject lines that you can use for your email campaigns.

NeuralText - Catchy Email Subject Lines

Here again, the quality of the output generated depends largely on the input you give through the description. Not every result would be usable, but it definitely gives a few new ideas that you might not think of.

The long-form content generator is another important tool that can be of huge help in generating content on a consistent basis if the quality of output is good.

To start with, you have to provide the primary target keyword and a brief description of what the blog post is all about.

NeuralText - Long form content editor

The next step is to define the headlines for the post. You can either input the headlines yourself or let the tool generate headline ideas for you.

NeuralText - Headlines for long form content

The next step is to select headline you like that is generated in the list.

NeuralText - Long form editor headlines

In the next step you choose the blog intro that matches the best with the headline. Some of the intros I got were honestly quite good.

NeuralText - Blog intro for long form content

In the final step, you enter the long form content editor with the headline and the intro. You have to then write a few words of your won content and the AI will generate the content and complete the scentences for you.

NeuralText - Long form content editor

It is important for the input quality to be soecific and targeted to get high quality output. You can choose between short, medium, and long for the amount of words you want the tool to generate based on the credits you have.


There are three plans in total with a free plan and two paid plans. The Starter plan costs $49 per month and the Pro plan costs $119 per month.

NeuralText Pricing

The main differences between the two plans include the number of keyword reports you can generate, the number of smart copy runs, and the number of keyword cluster credits.

You can also purchase a separate add-on for unlimited smart copy runs and it will cost $39 per user. This can be very useful for content marketing agencies with multiple clients.

However, there is currently a lifetime deal available for a limited time that starts from just $59 paid one-time.

At this price, it is quite a deal for all the features covered.

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