Grad: What to Know

by Ada Zuba 4 months ago in high school

For High School Students

Grad: What to Know

It is that time of year again, where girls are shopping for grad dresses, boys are renting tuxes and wondering what girl they should take to the banquet or dance with. The grad banquet is all fun and games, there is then very often an after-grad party. Some will never forget that night or some will forget it all and not remember it by morning. Some high schools have a grade 12 day, where anyone who went to graduation does not need to go to school the next day due to the hangovers everyone is having.

Now, there are a few things to know during these times. So here is a list:

  1. Not everyone drinks. I was underage for my graduation and I did not bother going to the after grad because I knew everyone would be drunk and doing a lot of things that they would regret. For my high school grad, we ended up going to Denny's because we had more fun that way.
  2. Walking the stage is long. Do not wear anything you will regret. For example, do not wear heels that you have not broken in before. Your feet will not be thanking you. Wear comfortable shoes, but for the love of humanity do not wear crocs. You will look back and regret that decision.
  3. Rent your limo. Rent a limo even though it might be for you and five friends, it's worth the experience and you will have fun with all of your buddies. You will remember that for the rest of your life.
  4. Take pictures. This is the time to be photogenic and takes all the photos possible. You will want to remember your grad dress and what you wore. True, you might not end up with your date for the rest of your life, but then you have the satisfaction of cutting them out of all your photos.
  5. Don't have a date? Don't worry. You can go with your group of friends and that can honestly be more fun than going with that guy who just wants to sit and not dance. You can dance with your friends, or with a random guy that asks you too. It will be much more fun.
  6. Avoid clashing. My high school had a facebook group where girls would post their grad photos, so no one would end up with the same dress. However, me and one of my friends had the same color dress and almost the same shape, but we made it work. I originally wanted a red dress.
  7. You will get something much different than what you bargained for. I wanted a red puffy dress and when I tried it on in the store, it was too small and there was not enough time for me to get it altered. I tried on a bronze dress, which I really loved, but in the end, I got a blue dress with sparkles. Get a dress you will look good in.
  8. If you are a boy, you rent your tux. That is all, it is more affordable.
  9. Ask that girl or guy out. If you like them, just ask. The worst thing they will say to you is, "No," or, "I am actually going with blah blah..." and let me tell you, blah blah won't look as fabulous as you.
  10. You strut that stage like no other, you take those selfies, and you be yourself.

Treasure these moments. Life is hard and it only gets harder, you might go to university, you might work, or you might do both. But, you are alive right now and you are with the people you will love. Now is the time to enjoy yourself.

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