First Day of College at Pasadena City College

by Vanessa Baltazar 12 months ago in college

It was terrifying, but a new start.

First Day of College at Pasadena City College

It's hard leaving the people you have known all of your life. The same people you have known since kindergarten. The friends you have made. The memories you had with them. Then, when you become a senior in high school, that's when you start to realize you will probably never see these people again. But it's okay. Because everyone needs to go to the next step in their life. If it's college, working full-time, taking a year off, or even doing nothing at all. This is where everyone grows to become who they will be in the future. And my future is attending Pasadena City College.

Going to School

I have never taken the bus on my own. I need to take two buses to get to school. Imagine the anxiety I had on that day. I still don't have my permit or anything so I can't drive. I mean, sure, I have taken the bus before but I was with my mother at the time. But this time I had no one to help me. So me being the prepared person I am, ended up taking the bus to early and arrived at school two hours before my first class. Yeah, never again.

Looking for My Classes

Looking for my classes was pretty easy. That's a lie. It was a nightmare. Turns out floor one was not actually the main floor and was the floor underneath it. I walked around the whole building and the last spot I went to was where my class was. For another class, it just said a building and not even a room number. So I'm like, great. I go to the building and it's an auditorium. So I'm wondering if it is a big class or am I in the wrong building. So what does any first-time college student do? I call my older sibling for help. So I wait outside the building for an hour just to find out I AM in the right place and it is just a big class. For my last class, I found it with ease and it just took me a couple of minutes.

The Professors

Teachers from high school and professors at college are so different. Teachers at my high school took everything so seriously and followed the rules and were basically stuck up and boring. Professors at college are fun and teach things the way they want to and not how they are forced to. They didn't make us get textbooks that we would never use. Why would they if you can get most of the information off of the internet? At least the professors understand that, instead of making us carry books like I had to in high school. All of my professors are so nice, friendly, and their lessons are always so interesting. Where in high school I would doze off.

Eating Food

I was so amazed at the cafeteria in PCC because it was way different than the one I had in high school. In high school, they forced you to get what they had to eat, which people ended up throwing away. Here it was like food paradise. You had to pay for it but it was so worth it. They even had a full-time chef to make you hamburgers right in front of you. But the food there wasn't the food that I had on the first day. I took advantage of the restaurants they had there. The whole street in front of the school was full of restaurants and Wing Stop is having a 60-cent boneless wings sale so I ended up eating that. I had plenty of time to eat until my next class but I forgot to get some gum and my mouth smelled like food for the next class. So I guess I should've eaten something else on the first day and brought gum that day.

Going Home

Going home is what gave me the most relief of the day. I finally finished my first day of college. It was terrifying, but a new start. My sister works by my school so she picks me up so I don't have to spend more money on taking the bus. On the first day, I already had homework and had to speak in front of the class which I hated. Yes, it's very different, but it's a good different and I'm glad to start this new chapter in my life.

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