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CAT Preparation Strategy for the First Timers

by Amit Kumar 2 months ago in interview / trade school / teacher / student / stem / list / how to / high school / degree / courses / college
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For many first-time MBA candidates, the CAT is a terrifying adversary who will determine their fate. If you're lying awake at night worrying about how you'll prepare for this exam, don't worry - read below...

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For many first-time MBA candidates, the CAT is a terrifying adversary who will determine their fate. If you're lying awake at night worrying about how you'll prepare for this exam, don't worry. Instead, recall your college days and the strategies you used when taking exams. Those will now assist you in performing well on the CAT. Here are three instances:

Strategy #1: CAT 2022 preparation plan

Just as you reviewed each class syllabus at the start of the semester, do the same before beginning your CAT preparation with the help of personal tutors for CAT preparation. How much time do you have to study? A week? One month? Consider taking a diagonistic test to get a feel for CAT and to see how close you are to your target score. If the difference between your actual and expected scores is large, you should increase your preparation time.

You should also specify when you intend to study, as "sometime during the week" is unlikely to result in success. Set aside a reasonable amount of time in your calendar to ensure consistent preparation. (Two or three-hour sessions are especially effective for retention.) Stop when you reach the end of your block. You will need to revise the topics on a regular basis. Each CAT preparation session should build on the one before it. Take your time. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses in each subject. Build your knowledge over a sufficient period of time.

Finally, where should you study for the CAT? If you stayed in a dorm, your room might have been the best option for studying in silence, but the library was a more likely option. Find a public or university library near you and check out a study room if possible. It will save you from becoming distracted by Facebook and Whatsapp!

Strategy #2: Keep learning as sole motive

You are now ready to begin your preparation, whether you want to improve your grammar and vocabulary for the verbal section or practice basic arithmetic and algebra for the Problem Solving section. Make the most of your time. Distractions such as friends, family, athletic events, and so on will cause you to lose focus, just as they did in college. Be cautious and never let these roadblocks slow you down. These things can be enjoyed with great satisfaction once you have completed your MBA program.

You can also use the techniques you learned in your foundational classes. For example, if you need to improve your quantitative skills on the CAT, use the skills you learned in algebra or statistics classes. Work through practice questions and double-check your answers, even if they were correct. Determine which approaches are most effective for you in the context of the CAT. It is a game of accuracy and question selection. If you're having trouble with Reading Comprehension questions, you could try some of the techniques that got you through your literature course and start reading more to improve your reading speed and build your comfort zone in this area.

Remember that, just as your sociology midterm was only one component of your college experience, the CAT is only one step on your path to an MBA. You won't need to prepare for it again. Make it a short-term priority now in order to achieve your long-term objectives later.

Strategy #3: Ask for help

The CAT is a challenging exam. Do not be discouraged if you are having difficulty with its questions or your timing. Remember when your classes were difficult in college? You might have talked to your professor or formed a study group with your friends. These same strategies, such as working with best teachers for CAT preparation, are still effective today. A mentor or tutor can help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, and they can often enlighten you with MBA experiences.

You can simplify your CAT 2022 preparation by using these three college strategies. These techniques will not only help you on the CAT, but they will also help you in your business school journey. You eventually finished your undergraduate studies. Allow this one exam to demonstrate how preparation, persistence, and commitment can lead to future success.

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