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A Newer Generation Of Disney Loungefly - Con-GRAD-ulations!

How we turned an Urban Dictionary saying into something absolutely stunning.

By Kerry WilliamsPublished 12 months ago 4 min read
Our most recent Disney Loungefly Exclusive Backpack, photo by Your WDW Store

Some of you might know I have a day job. My day job, is selling collectibles and souvenirs on my website,

Some think that's a cake walk, and that anyone can do it, but it's usually hours upon hours of work, non-stop, every day. Some of you can relate. I dream about work...and that's not good. LOL

But recently, we did something absolutely stunning. We just released our latest exclusive Disney Loungefly Mini-backpack featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, with a lot of congratulatory messaging and icons, and people are going nuts over it. Not only are people going nuts over it, but they're talking about it everywhere.

As with all things in life, not all the comments are good. Thankfully, we eliminated a lot of the tropes and stereotypical arguments, but an unexpected consequence of our ingenuity, and using a very commonly used alternate spelling of the word congratulations, was immediate, and harsh. But, as they say in the middle of the Mohave desert, you have to take it with a grain of sand.

Now, a lot of people might be thinking, how did we come up with this? Well, it wasn't something like Chap GPT Going crazy with our bag. No. In fact, the spelling on our newest Exclusive Loungefly bag was very intentional, and, we had to get it cleared with both Loungefly and Disney first....

And if you're still sitting there thinking, but it's spelled wrong, well let's consider a few things first. DISNEY, along with a number of other entities, have used the fragment words Con "GRAD" ulations! on a number of items, signifying a play on the word "Congratulations!" Which is perfectly fine, because they're selling merchandise!

In merchandising, you do whatever you can to grab someone's attention and keep it. Consider "Cruzin!" and the phrase, "Cruzin through life!" with a cruise ship and a mixed drink and a picture of Cozumel in the background. Do you look at that and instantly thing, OMG! You spelled cruising wrong! No. Well, you might... if you're a teacher, or a copy editor, or have a profession which requires strict adherence to the rule of bees. But mostly, you'll look at the item and think, well, that's an awesome souvenir!

That rule of bees states, if it cannot pass a spelling bee, then it does not exist. Well, where on this planet, does something more magical than a non-existent word, exist at? You guessed it. Your WDW Store.

AND, if you're still wondering, and you're still fuming, that's OKAY. We understand! From our auto-cringe every time someone utters the word "maths" (very common among our friends across the pond, but not so common here in the US) to the goof and guffaws of many a social media influencer not being able to pronounce every day words, we get it. We understand. And, we also know, we didn't make this backpack for you. No, no, you can buy one if you like, that's not a problem,'s the newer, younger generation that are graduating. They understand things like "The Urban Dictionary", current trends, and alternate ways to spell things.

We're old and old school. LOL and ROTFL and maybe the OMG are about as far as we go before we start sounding really old...but for those just graduating from high school or college, they understand. They have seen this word plenty of times before, used by greeting card makers, party supply creators, and advertisers to get your attention,. And it should - IT'S GRADUATION TIME!

Congratulations has been around for a very long time. But now, a version of the word, with a specific letter changed, signifies a special congratulatory message reserved specifically for a person graduating. And that word is, "Congradulations."

This backpack, with the word that has become synony-mouse with graduating from high school or college, is the new thing. A fresh breath of life into an old spelling. Yes, in my line of work, I can keep coming up with the words changed to contain the word ''mouse'' or ''ear'', all day long, but those are just other examples of the play on words similar to what we did with this bag. And are you talking about it? Still?! Thank you! We hope you continue talking about it for a very long time. :) <---- That, is a sideways smiley face!

Please feel free to comment, repost, and share as much as you wish. As a small family owned and operated business owner, we can use all the shares humanly possible. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Use code LFFREESHIP to receive free shipping on your order over $100 USD in the USA, if you want this item. And again, Thank you.

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