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Theories you can't accept

The so-called Mpeba effect

By Karen GillanahPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

The emergence of scientific theories has largely contributed to the development of human civilization, which also contains many incredible theoretical contents, although their truth has been proven, many people still feel unacceptable.

The Mpeba Effect

The so-called Mpeba effect refers to the fact that when equal volumes of liquid are placed under the same cooling conditions, the liquid with the higher temperature is the first to freeze.

The theory can be said to be derived by chance, the cause is due to the hot weather, Mpeba is eager to eat ice cream, and intends to use the milk and sugar water to do it themselves, but he will boil the milk and sugar water dissolved, found that the ice grid mold in the refrigerator is too small, can not hold, will directly put the extra rolling hot ingredients into the refrigerator.

When Mpeba opened the freezer again, he subconsciously chose to put the ice cream into the molds after they had cooled, but to his surprise, he found that they were still in a sticky state, but the hot ice cream ingredients that had been placed randomly had already frozen.

This discovery made Mpeba's amazement also fall into a deep reflection, and six years later summarized the relevant papers, and then the phenomenon gradually attracted the attention of the scientific community, and further study.

Some scientists believe that the emergence of the Mpeba effect is affected by impurities because the liquid with part of the ionic components will gradually solidify with the increase in temperature, when the ions are gradually precipitated, the liquid is increasingly pure, only to make the freezing point rise.

However, this explanation was soon denied, because even if the experiment is completed using pure water, the same will appear Mpeba phenomenon, the only difference is the speed of freezing.

Some scientists also believe that the Mpeba effect is due to the principle of temperature difference, according to scientific findings when the temperature difference is larger, the water will lose heat faster, so warm water is more likely to freeze, but such a statement is difficult to explain why warm water will become cold before freezing.

In 2012, Nikolai Blegovic proposed the convection effect, that is, during the cooling of a liquid, the outside tends to drop faster than the temperature in the center, and this time there is a temperature difference that triggers the convection effect, which is equivalent to the process of converting heat energy into kinetic energy.

Even if the surface temperature of hot water drops a lot, its interior still carries a share of kinetic energy, thus accelerating the release of heat and freezing at a faster rate.

Although the Mpeba effect until now has not been a unified explanation, this phenomenon against human common sense is real.

The Mpeba effect is also a very common phenomenon, but if you do not look closely, you may not notice. For example, in winter, drivers usually choose to wash their cars with cold water, mainly because cold water freezes more slowly in low-temperature environments.

Riemannian geometry

In 1854, the famous mathematician Riemann publicly shared his geometric ideas. Few people may have heard of Riemannian geometry, but the theory has a high status in the scientific community.

Riemannian geometry has contributed to the development of modern mathematics and theoretical physics by influencing each other in the process of interpenetration with multiple disciplines.

Riemann believed that the three-dimensional world in which human beings live is essentially "spherical", where there are no parallel lines, and even if there is a straight line that can be extended out, no matter how long it goes, it will eventually return to the starting point, and its length is equivalent to the circumference of the ball.

It can be said that Riemannian geometry is completely different from most people's perception of geometric space, but the emergence of this theory has laid an important foundation for the study of four-dimensional space.

For example, it was under the influence of Riemannian geometry that Einstein concluded that space is a surface, and later the special and general theories of relativity were proposed, which provided the theoretical basis for the study of multidimensional space.

If we follow Riemann and Einstein's view, the universe also contains multi-dimensional space, although human beings live in three-dimensional space, in addition to three-dimensional space, there is four-dimensional space.

If the "time" of the three-dimensional space is put into the four-dimensional space, it may become a three-dimensional material, but people in the three-dimensional space can objectively feel the existence of time, which is amazing.

Relativity of time

For everyone, time is very important. It is because of the existence of time that human beings can make all kinds of life and work plans in an orderly way, in addition, time is also one of the indispensable concepts in physics, which plays an important role.

In physics, time reflects the continuity and variability of matter, and according to the conclusions of classical physics, scientists believe that the concept of space-time is indisputable.

However, this view began to falter after the introduction of the "relativity of time", in which Einstein argued that time does not exist in absolute terms and that the amount of time that passes in everyday life depends mainly on the "observer".

Specifically, what people perceive as "now" may not be "now", for example, what they see in their eyes at the moment, because it takes a certain amount of time for the scene to be reflected in the brain, so there is a delay in receiving the relevant image, and the perception of the "now" in the "now". The "present" is the "past".

The theory of time relativity was once unbelievable to many people, but although it broke the original human concept of space-time, it was also proved as a scientific theory.

Scientific exploration is a road full of magic, but also a road full of thorns because many new theories proposed, will inevitably have to go through many times to be questioned by the voice, until confirmed, even if it has been proven, still incredulous.

But human thought is also rich in magic, with the development of the times, people's thinking is also changing, in the long development of civilization, the human worldview has experienced many impacts and reshaping, I believe that one day in the future, those seemingly incredible theories will also get due recognition.


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