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The strongest earthquake in history

How terrible is the earthquake

By nally norrisPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

How terrifying is the power of an earthquake? A city in ruins in the blink of an eye

The power of earthquakes

We all know that an earthquake is a highly destructive natural disaster. Whether it is the Tangshan earthquake in 1976 or the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the damage caused by the earthquake is still vivid in our eyes, and it also makes people deeply f the horror of the earthquake. eel

We also know that earthquakes are divided into grades, which we call earthquake magnitudes, which are mainly related to the energy generated by earthquakes, and are divided into nine grades. And for every 1 level difference, the difference in energy is about 32 times. We generally refer to earthquakes less than magnitude 1.0 as "ultra-micro earthquakes", which are generally not felt by humans.

When the magnitude of the earthquake reaches about 4.5, people will feel the weak vibration, also known as "feeling earthquake", and will not cause any damage to the building. When the magnitude of the earthquake reaches 5 or more, it has certain destructive power, which is called a"moderately strong earthquake".

When the magnitude of the earthquake reaches 7, the destructive power is very terrifying. It is called a "strong earthquake". The Kaohsiung earthquake is at this earthquake level. When the magnitude of the earthquake is above 7 and below 8, it is called a "big earthquake". The destructive power of this kind of earthquake is extremely terrifying. Both the Yushu earthquake and the Anya earthquake occurred at this magnitude.

When the magnitude of the earthquake continues to rise, reaching magnitude 8 or above, this kind of earthquake is extremely terrifying, and the damage caused can easily destroy a city, so it is also called a "huge earthquake". 3.11" Japan Earthquake.

So how terrifying is the power of a "giant earthquake"? We go back in time to Chile on May 21, 1960.

Do you know how terrifying the strongest earthquake in history is? The magnitude is as high as 9.5, and the destruction is only in an instant!

9.5 magnitude earthquake

The most terrifying earthquake in the world is the 9.5-magnitude earthquake in Chile. Some people may wonder, isn't the highest earthquake magnitude only 9? So what's up with the 9.5 level? The nine grades of earthquakes are values ​​set by scientists, of which there is one highest value.

And this highest value corresponds to a magnitude 9 earthquake, but the energy value generated by the Chilean earthquake has far exceeded the value of magnitude 9. According to the calculation method of each level, it can be concluded that the magnitude of the earthquake in Chile is terrifying. 9.5. How terrifying is this super earthquake?

On May 21, 1960, Chile carried out i festival as usual, but I did not know that an unprecedented disaster was slowly approaching. On the day of the festival, many ordinary people were playing in the street, and suddenly there was a burst of exclamations from the street, and then people felt a strong shaking. tts

Immediately after the high-rise buildings collapsed, people drowned in the ruins of the houses before they could react. On the originally lively streets, screams came one after another, and all of this happened in just a split second. like hell.

When the earthquake passed, people were stunned by the sight before they could recover from their panic. The bustling city of the past no longer existed, and only broken walls were replaced. But the disaster is not over yet. The huge earthquake set off huge waves of tens of meters, which dealt a second blow to the ruined city.

As a result, many people who survived the earthquake died from the seawater intrusion caused e, and the entire coastal cities of Chile were engulfed by huge waves. Like killing Chile. But the damage caused by the earthquake goes far beyond that. he arthquake

Do you know the most terrifying earthquake in human history? Set off huge waves, activate volcanoes, and destroy a city in an instant.

activate volcano

When the waves stopped hitting Chile, the survivors hugged each other comfortably, thanking them for their escape. Is it so? After a magnitude 8 earthquake, the aftershocks will cause very serious secondary damage, not to mention an unprecedented magnitude 9.5 earthquake.

The 9.5-magnitude earthquake produced successive aftershocks soon, and the damage and casualties of the earthquake continued to increase. These aftershocks caused great trouble for the rescue team and made the rescue work very dangerous.

Because only ten minutes after the earthquake, an aftershock of magnitude 6.2 was generated, which undoubtedly made this precarious city even worse, and made the rescue work a race against time and death. If not rescued in time, more casualties will be incurred.

Rescuing in the face of a magnitude 6.2 aftershock is undoubtedly very dangerous, and a little carelessness will lead to loss of life. According to statistics, in the past six days of the earthquake, there have been dozens of aftershocks, including 59 aftershocks with a magnitude of more than 5, which undoubtedly increased more casualties.

Of course, o, and the shaking kept shaking, activating six volcanoes that were all extinct before that. Three new volcanoes were activated immediately after this, for a total of nine eruptions. This further increases the level of devastation in the city. t disasters followed

But this is not over. The earthquake in Chile has been going on for a month, and there are even many earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 8 and 7. This earthquake is known as the most terrifying earthquake in human history. It was not only affected by Chile but also affected countries in Central America and the Pacific Ocean.

It can be regarded as a terrible "natural disaster", and human beings appear so insignificant in the face of natural disasters. What do you think about this, you can communicate in the comments section.

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