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King of all animals - tiger

By nally norrisPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Tiger (scientific name: Panthera tigris), commonly known as tiger, is one of the largest cats in existence and is also known as the king of beasts.

Big cats are known for their agility and excellent hunting skills.

Their bodies are covered in b to black hair with black to brown stripes. he uff

The eyes have yellow irises and round pupils, and their eyesight is 6 times that of us, humans.

Their hearing is extremely acute, especially sensitive to high-frequency sound waves, and both ears can be steered according to the source of the sound waves.

In the wild forest, tigers can hear calls from 2 kilometers away.

We all know that cats have whiskers, and whiskers vary in length and thickness.

Tiger's whiskers are sharper and can be said to be more powerful than some of our high-tech human beings.

Whiskers help tigers navigate their way at night and sense the distance and width of objects.

Under normal circumstances, if the width of the beard can pass, the t body can pass smoothly. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. tiger's

Strange knowledge added again.

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We usually see some felines turn their heads and bite when they eat some larger food.

If you don't believe it, you can see if your cat is like this.

This is because tigers use their linear molars to scrape meat from the bones of their prey, and they usually eat without chewing but swallowing.

The tongue of an adult tiger is about 30 centimeters long and is covered with keratinized barbs that facilitate licking the meat off the animal's bones, as well as for drinking and regulating body temperature.

Tigers are one of the few beasts that can swim. They can get on land and get down on lakes, which is not bad for the title of "king".

Like most cats, tigers have 5 toes on the front feet and 4 toes on the hind feet with sharp claws at the ends.

These claws can be freely retracted, and when walking or running, the claws are retracted into the bony sheath to avoid wear and tear.

If the claws are blunt, then there will be no weapons to be proud of, and it will be impossible to hunt, and even the most basic self-protection will be a problem, so the tigers will try to wear off the aging cutin and keep the claws sharp. Many cats have the habit of grinding their claws.

If the claws lack grinding, they will grow inward, which will affect walking and easily puncture the pads on the feet.

At the same time, it leaves a scent through the claws, marking the territory and dividing the sphere of influence.

The tiger's tail is relatively long, consisting of 25-30 coccygeal vertebrae, and ring-shaped markings.

The tip of the tail has no long hair and is gray-black.

The importance of tails to animals is self-evident, they help animals maintain balance and control steering when running at high speed.

Through long-term observation, the researchers found out what the various movements of the tiger's tail represent. The performance of the tiger's tail can determine the state and mood: the tip of the tail is raised and kept shaking, accompanied by a low roar to represent the state of alertness, and the tail is gently waving. Accompanied by the nasal sound of "spray, spray", it means friendliness.

Another general purpose of the tail is to repel mosquitoes.

Tigers evolved from ancient carnivores.

The cat-like species in the ancient carnivores have evolved into multiple branches, one of which is the ancient cat, and the ancient cat has been differentiated into the fear cat, the true saber-toothed cat, and the true cat. After the Quaternary Ice Age, only the true cat survived. Down, it is divided into two branches: cat clan and leopard clan.

Today's tigers evolved from the leopard family of true cats.

Among the various subspecies of tiger, the South China tiger is the ancestor of each subspecies, and I skull structure is closest to the original tiger.ts

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