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The mystery of the immortal fire in the heart of a waterfall in America

decode the smoldering fire in the heart of the waterfall

By Culture DiscoveryPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Immortal fire in the heart of a waterfall in America

A waterfall located in the Shale Creek conservation area in New York state, USA is the place that hides the secret of a fascinating natural phenomenon.

Waterfall Eternal Flame Falls is nearly 11 meters high. The origin of this name comes from the existence of a small fire about 20cm high, located inside a cave of the waterfall.

According to the Discovery channel, legend has it that this fire wasNative Americans lit up thousands of years ago.

It was a small fire burning from a small rock hole in the heart of a waterfall in Chestnut Ridge Park, western New York that is believed to have burned thousands of years ago.

The name Eternal Flame is also named for a waterfall located in the Shale Creek conservation area, part of Chestnut Ridge park in New York. This waterfall depends heavily on rainwater and the flow of water from upstream.

The fire was not big, but like a shimmering lamp. However, its everlasting presence behind the falls makes this a dramatic and mesmerizing sight.

For a long time, thescientist determined that the fire was maintained thanks to air pockets released from the old and extremely hot shale rock.

The Eternal Flame usually only flows in early spring or after heavy rains. The waterfall has a height of 9m, divided into 2 sections with rough and steep terrain. The special thing is that the waterfall has a stone cave at a height of 5m and in the cave there appears a fire burning with natural gas about 20cm high.

When a large amount of water falls, the water will flow into the cave and make the fire flicker like a lamp. The Eternal Flame is truly one of the strangest and unique waterfalls in the world.

Why did the fire appear? The eternal flame nestles behind a waterfall in western New York state. Its beauty lies not only in its absolute eternity and poetic location, but also in the mystery behind it.

Scientists at Indiana University discovered that the eternal flame at Chestnut Ridge park in New York (USA) has an unusual origin, unlike other eternal flames in the world. The temperature of the rock below is only the temperature of a cup of tea, not hot enough to create a fire that burns forever, for hundreds or even thousands of years.

decode the smoldering fire in the heart of the waterfall

Furthermore, the underlying rock is not an ancient rock such as slate that allows permeation when burned as in other places with eternal flames. In terms of gas composition, the gas leaked here has the highest concentration of ethane and propane in known natural fires in the world.

However, this group of scientists discovered that the shale under the waterfall is actually not hot enough or old enough to release the amount of gas hypothesized above.

According to Mr. Schimmelmann, there must be something else that is keeping the "eternal flame" burning, but to this day theResearchers Still don't know exactly what it is.

The Geology Science information site says the area around the Eternal Flame waterfall has long historical connections with Native Americans.

It is believed that they also hold spiritual significance for some Native American communities in this area. The fire itself is considered by the indigenous people to be a sacred and symbolic element.

Besides, the Eternal Flame waterfall not only gives visitors a new perspective on the fascinating interaction of geological forces, but also a connection to the spiritual and historical aspects of the area .

Tourists come here all year round, but winter often brings its own challenges and beauty. No matter what season you visit the Eternal Flame, always bring a lighter. The fire here will occasionally go out, so even if you still hear the crackling sound, you can relight it without any risk. Some people believe that if someone can revive the fire, they are the luckiest people in the world.


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