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explanation of the river with five colors in Colombia

Five-color River in Colombia: Natural masterpiece that cannot be touched, only brilliant for a few months every year

By Culture DiscoveryPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Five Colors River in Colombia

It is not the widest river in the world, but it certainly ranks among the most unique rivers. That is the Caño Cristales River.

Caño Cristales is a river in Colombia known for its unique color, nicknamed: River of Five Colors.

Located in the Serrania de la Macarena National Park,The total length of Caño Cristales is about 100km and is no more than 20m wide.appears in 5 colorful colors: black, blue, red, green and yellow. The color range appears most fully in the period from May to November.

Every year, during the transition period between the rainy and dry seasons, Caño Cristales magically puts on colorful clothes, completely different from usual, making this place seem like a wonderland.

It is known that these colors come from an aquatic plant with the scientific name Macarenia clavigera, belonging to the Podostemaceae riverweed family.

This aquatic plant (not to be confused with algae) turns an eye-catching red color when it blooms. During the flower blooming season, the red color mixes with the yellow color of the sand, the sparkling water light against the blue sky, the green and black colors of moss and other water grasses to create a kaleidoscope of underwater images. same lively.

Macarenia clavigera needs a certain amount of sunlight to grow vigorously. That is why during the rainy season, when the river water level rises and flows rapidly, sunlight is not enough to reach the river bottom, this aquatic plant will have difficulty growing and cannot bloom.

In the dry season, the river is almost dry, not enough water to support aquatic plants to flourish.

Caño Cristales appears in 5 colorful colors

6 things to know before going to Caño Cristales

1. You can only see the five-colored river for a certain period of time

Before you start dreaming about a trip to see the most beautiful river in the world, you must know that the aquatic plant Macarenia clavigera only has gorgeous colors when it blooms at certain times of the year.

The most beautiful time for the river is from late May to late November, the peak time is between July and October. Therefore, if you want to see Caño Cristales in its most beautiful form, you should choose your time carefully. .

2. Coming to Caño Cristales is not just about seeing the river

The Five-Colored River flows along the vast Serrania de la Macarena National Park, with savannas, dense forests with more than 400 species of birds and unique mammals.

Please prepare your luggage for a visit to the ecological forest, including binoculars, camera... to be able to admire the beauty of wild birds and animals here to the fullest. At the same time, you should wear tight clothes to avoid dengue fever because there are many poisonous mosquitoes in the forest.

3. It is not possible to visit the Five Colors River without a licensed tour guide

You can travel independently to the Caño Cristales area, but it should be noted that you cannot access the Five Colors River without a licensed tour guide.

The next town always has guides ready to accompany you. But you need to apply for a permit to visit the park from the National Park Office first. Quantities are limited each day, mainly given to agencies and organizations.

4. Prepare enough cash

There is only one ATM in Serrania de la Macarena. So bring enough cash to ensure you can pay your tour guide and hotel bill, and buy souvenirs as gifts.

5. Can't swim with sunscreen or insect spray on

If you want to swim in any of the designated swimming areas (you are not allowed to swim in areas with aquatic plants as they are protected), you are not allowed to apply sunscreen or insect repellant.

Because aquatic plants are extremely sensitive and the chemicals in these products can cause them to die. If you're afraid of tanning or are sensitive to the sun, wear a thin shirt to swim.

6. The five-color river is not always as beautiful as it looks in the pictures

The Red River is strongly influenced by weather and climate conditions. Drought can kill aquatic plants, making the river less red. Cloudy days will dim the brilliance of aquatic plants.


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