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Computers can predict human extinction

Supercomputer predicts the time and scenario that will cause human extinction

By Culture DiscoveryPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
predict human extinction

In our universe, extinction is inevitable. It can happen at any time for many different reasons, our planet is no exception. sincethestubeOkayimagewallaboveleftlandgivearriveThere was also an extinction 66 million years ago, wiping out almost all flora and fauna on earth. Today with advancements in science cScientists have used supercomputers to predict times and scenarios that could lead to the "end of the world", causing the extinction of humanity.

The end of the world, the time when humans become extinct and disappear from the earth... are familiar topics in science fiction or horror movies. But will humans really become extinct or disappear in the future? The answer of scientists is "Yes".

Accordingly, scientists at the University of Bristol, England, have just published a report on the results of research on the time and scenario that causes all creatures on Earth to disappear, including humans.

Scientists at the University of Bristol used a supercomputer to analyze all the data about geology, climate change, changes in tectonic plates - the giant layers of rock that make up the surface. our planet... to predict the future of creatures on earth.

Based on the input data, the supercomputer's prediction results show that the tectonic plates will move slowly but steadily, eventually forming a giant supercontinent on Earth, instead of dividing. separate as at present.

This supercontinent was named Pangea Ultima by scientists, after the name of the supercontinent Pangea that existed during the Epizootic period, more than 541 million years ago. Pangea was the first supercontinent before it split into its current continents hundreds of millions of years ago.

"The supercontinent Pangea Ultima will be formed from three pushes, including plate tectonic effects, a hotter Sun and more CO2 in the atmosphere, increasing the temperature of the entire Earth," Tien said. Dr. Alexander Farnsworth of the University of Bristol research team, shared.

The earth is getting warmer

However, scientists say only about 8 to 16% of Pangea Ultima's total land area is habitable, but even so, this would be an extremely harsh living environment.

Based on the results of supercomputer analysis, scientists say that in the future, the Earth's temperature will fluctuate between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, combined with high humidity.

This humidity will cause people's ability to sweat, the reaction that helps reduce body temperature, to be greatly limited. Scientists believe that this condition does not only affect humans, but will affect all mammal species on earth.

In addition, collisions between tectonic plates will greatly increase and prolong volcanic activities, including the formation of new volcanoes with more intense levels of activity.

Scientists believe that the above scenario will be the cause of the extinction of humans and animal and plant species worldwide.

So when will the "end of the world" happen? Of course it cannot happen for a few centuries or even millennia. Scientists say the "doomsday" scenario outlined by the supercomputer will come in about 250 million years. This is a very long time and long enough for people to proactively respond and find solutions to prevent it.

So what solution will people choose so that scientists' "doomsday scenario" does not happen? Will we find ways to "migrate" to other planets like Mars, the Moon... or will we find solutions to cut greenhouse gas emissions to slow down global warming? Only time can give the answer.

Super computer

(A supercomputer is a large computer system that can occupy an entire room or even a building, using tens of thousands of microprocessors to process and analyze huge streams of data.

Supercomputers are often used for scientific research, astronomy, space, predicting the harmful effects of climate change globally, simulating a nuclear explosion or researching to cure incurable diseases. medicine on humans..)


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