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If You Are a Panda Lover

The love for the creation world

By Jenny KingPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Video by Jenny King (I am sorry if it is not clear enough)

Recently, I went to Anshan Zoo with my mom to have a close up view of panda.

If you are a panda lover like me, you may subscribed to the channel of panda on your mobile phone. Two things I do every day before I go to bed. One is reading the Bible. Another is watching the updated videos for panda. You may know about "Bao family" in Korea or "Huahua, Menglan" in China.

Bao family on Zhihu

Why we have a special interest in Panda? They were endangered species. And they look so cute. Konrad Lorenz, an Austria zoologist, had an hypothesis that the physical characteristics of young animals can trigger protective behaviors in adult animals. These characteristics include big eyes, short noses, big heads and round bodies. And these are what Panda looks like.

We may find in our daily lives, human beings have a good impression on things with the characteristics of our babies. And the images of panda, especially for baby pandas have all these characters like babies including innocent eyes, short legs, round bodies......Even for adult pandas, they still have round faces that cannot help but let people fall in love with.

And the babies pandas raised by human being may show behaviours like human babies. They drink milk with baby bottles, play toys, sleep in the cradles and demanding hugs from their animal keepers.

If you watch the videos in China, you may find people personalize the behaviour of pandas a lot. They will say "Wow, pandas are like human beings nursing their babies." Or " Maybe a human is hiddening under the fur of panda."

I watched the video about pandas in Korea. And the keeper shared that many people with depression spent a lot of time watching pandas and got healed. I agreed with it. Since I got so much pleasure and peace after visiting pandas in Anshan Zoo. You will forget all the anxiety and pressure after observing the panda eating and playing.

If we want to have a relax and refreshment, it may be a good choice to get along with the nature and these lovely animals for some time. It reminds me the truth in the Bible the whole creation didn't fall with human beings who is the son of God . But the creation was subjected to vanity and groan and travail in pain together waiting for the revealing of the sons of God.

I heard prophesy like " I heal you with the nature." The nature keep their pure and peace. We may marvel at the beauty and magnificance of the creation. The whole creation manifests us the existence of God and his everlasting power and divinity. It reveals to us we are loved and specially taken cared by a heavenly father.

The creation are still waiting for the ultimate salvation and redemption of human being. We may find the destruction of the earth and subject like climate change. We fell to sin, lost our image of God and failed to govern the earth with love as the son of God and owner of earth. The whole creation once subdued to men was grabbed by Satan. And men became the servant of the serving spirit fallen angels which turned out to be miserable.

So we treasure the efforts taken to protect and take good care of the nature and animals we love. When the Korean keeper of Bao family cared so much to the lovely pandas, (They spent time talking with them, making toys for them, feeding them with good quality bamboo etc) it touched so many people's heart and caught great attention.

Isn't it what we expect to live a peaceful and harmonious way of life with the nature and the creation?

I once heard a sharing from a prayer person. She had a beautiful dream of the recovered world. The mountain seemed to be full of love. It was still that mountion but seems to be joyful and alive. And that love comes from God and the recovered human being.

Thank God for his wonderful creation for you and me and panda.

Panda Huahua in Sichuan China

When I went to the zoo, I saw the eyes of panda and other animals like horses, monkeys etc. It is amazing they have big eyes and look so pure. I


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Hi, welcome! May grace and love fill your heart everyday! I would like to share my chrisitian journey, my grace and lessons from God with you here. I am a prayer person. When you pray, you may taste the glory of heaven!

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