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A Garden Full of Life and Love

by Abrielle DeWolfe 10 months ago in short story
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My outdoor haven

Flowers I started from seed

From a single blade of grass to the tops of the trees, this garden is my canvas. This is my domain. A bountiful and lush, green landscape that rejuvenates my soul. The fresh air that swells and swirls in my lungs enters and dissipates. My hands know what they need to do. They inch deep into the rich soil pulling up the earths buried secrets. Be it worm, bug, or rock.

This is where the colors come to life. Every flower, vegetable, and plant has its place. The explosion of life that bursts through the leaves and petals is captivating. It urges me to keep going, to keep planting, to bask more in this oasis. Here is where a rewarding journey begins but never truly ends.

Great care and planning is needed for my garden. Time stands still as each different type of plant is carefully inspected. Is there a pesky pest? Perhaps there was a resourceful opportunist. Any plant could fall victim to the hazards of the outside world. Dealing with these challenges makes me stronger. Every day here is a lesson worth learning. Whether that is patience, determination, or endurance this garden is the teacher and I am a humble, eager student.

Anchored deep within me, gardening is a permanent facet of my life. It entrenches concepts and principles that nourish my mind. Delicately pruning a pepper plant or fertilizing kale makes life flourish. New blooms that sprinkle the stem of a lily and the vibrant vines of a cucumber reflect hard work. Hands packed with dirt are a badge of honor. Messy hair is a sign of time well spent. These things remind me that I am the steward of this land.

The suns rays that touch my back are a friend. Its warmth is like a happy embrace. Light tickles my eyes as my world glows with all the sights of the garden. Smells of grass and roses are enchanting. This is a home away from home. A place where many projects come to fruition.

Tenderly gripping the watering can as I provide thirst quenching water to tulips puts a smile on my face. Plants are smart. If you watch them closely, they will tell you what they need. Caressing the soft tulip petals and admiring their tall stalks is a treat. Radiant oranges, reds, yellows, and whites gleefully sway in a light breeze. Annuals, although their time is short lived, provide the garden with tasteful options. Begonias are a fan favorite. Then there are the plants and trees that stay here year round. Statement pieces that know they are all that and a bag of chips. The sedentary stars like my bushy crab apple trees that reach towards the clouds, or the maple that has stood the test of time. All proud staples here in my garden.

Progress comes in small steps. Never something achieved right away. Building upon foundations of previous years, or adding new raised beds takes effort. This effort is never a wasted moment. It is a promise. A promise to myself. To never stop loving nature, to always be creative, and to always be inspired by the world around me. This special promise lets me take a deep breath and press the pause button in my busy life.

This garden is my passion. There is no other place in this world I would rather be than here in this garden. The daily tasks that keep me here are no chore, but a hobby that keeps me entertained everyday. I am thankful for my garden. For all that it gives, and all that it will be.

It's a garden full of life and love.

short story

About the author

Abrielle DeWolfe

Hello everyone. I am a Canadian writer and aspiring author. My writings take inspiration from the world around me. I enjoy all forms of writing. thanks for stopping by and checking out my stories.

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