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The Room (2003)

When you need that perfect movie to watch with friends

By SC WellsPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Artwork by SC Wells

The worst films bring the best times

Glorious, nonsensical plot lines

He did not hit her

She doesn’t care mum’s got cancer

Too many sex scenes 

Cringey, written by teens?

Oh, hi doggy

What’s the deal with Denny?

I won’t pretend

10 out of 10; Would watch with a friend.


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SC Wells

Thank you so much for reading my stuff!

I love travel, photography, and writing speculative fiction.

I’m also on a never-ending quest to improve my storytelling so any feedback is massively appreciated.

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Comments (4)

  • L.C. Schäfer11 months ago

    I've not seen this one - a bit torn now on whether it would be a good idea 😁

  • Hahahahahahhaha that video made me laugh! Loved your review!

  • I expected this to be the recent movie where the woman is being held captive in a room. This one looks as though it could be every bit as compelling & good.

  • ARC11 months ago

    Me: Finished already? You: I have to go. Me: You just got here!! 😂 Awesome work 👏 🥄 🥄 🥄 🥄

SC WellsWritten by SC Wells

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