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Movie Critique: John Tucker Must Die

This 2006 teen comedy flick is low key comedy gold.

By Gladys W. MuturiPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
Brittany Snow, Arielle Kebbel, Sophia Bush, and Ashanti

Film critics deem this 2006 teen comedy film as "the worst teen flick" when actually it is lowkey comedy teen gold.

Brittany Murphy plays Kate, a blonde teen social nobody who doesn't get noticed or get attention from even boys at school who wouldn't even look at her. Well, I'm not going to lie she is kind of like me in my teens. She lives with her single, hot mom played by Jenny McCarthy, who always dating men and most likely gets hurt by them after they are done screwing her.

At the basketball game, we see her and she tells the story about John Tucker played by Jesse Metcalfe, the high school basketball star with a rich inheritance. At the game, we see Beth played by Sophia Bush, the hot hippie slut, short-haired blonde bob school journalist Carrie played by Arielle Kebbel, and hot head cheerleader Heather played by R&B singer Ashanti. Kate works at a fancy restaurant where she once until she sees John taking Carrie, Heather, and Beth on a date at the same restaurant where she works on three different occasions.

Until they found out at their gym period that the three ladies were dating John Tucker and started taking it out against each other until Kate says:

" instead of taking it out on him you guys are beating the sh**t out of each other."

Leading them to detention. At detention, Kate meets Scott played by Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and Netflix's You with curly long dark hair singing the rock song "I Want You to Want Me" not a part of detention and also the younger brother of John Tucker or the "Other" Tucker which surpried Kate that he is different than his brother John. I guess you can say it's like one of these things is not like the other. The three had conversation at detention about what John said to them which was the exact words he said to them then continued fighting until Kate was agitated and was like "shut up". Things went silent with them until Kate told if it upsets them is to "get even" with John Tucker. After detention, the three showed at Kate's house to talk to Kate developing a plan to kill John Tucker. And when they mean "kill" they don't mean kill-murder type like a metaphor to destroy him or better yet break his heart the way he did to Beth, Carrie, and Heather.

The "killer" trio and Kate would meet up secretly at school so John wouldn't notice their scheming plan. They tried to make him "undateable" like making a photoshoot campaign for a herpes ad and putting estrogen on his drink Unfortunately it backfired to everything positive. After John dumps Beth, Carrie and Heather, they made a plan with Kate making her a cheerleader to make her popular, more attactive, and dateable so John could fall for her. Until John starts to get to know Kate, the hot version of her and starts to fall for her which makes it harder for her and all the "dates" they go to is way different than the way he does to Beth, Carrie and Heather.

In the end, Tucker decides to live in his truth no more whoring around. This film was like the teen of the film The Other Women which starred Cameron Diaz except nobody married John Tucker. Tucker is an obnoxious, manwhore but his character is comical. I feel like Kate and Scott have more chemistry than Kate and John even though she fake-dated him. Scott was more compassionate, honest, good listener, and sweet to Kate. I love all the costumes from all of the characters from the film. Every scenes from the film was comical as hell. It seemed a little PG not really like PG-13 rating.

Director: Betty Thomas

Writer: Jeff Lowell

Producer(s): Bob Cooper, Michael Birnbaum

Cast: Jesse Metcalfe, Brittany Snow, Ashanti, Sophia Bush, Arielle Kebbel, Penn Badgley, Jenny McCarthy

Cinematography: Anthony B. Richmond

Editor: Matt Friedman

Music: Richard Gibbs

Production Companies: Landscape Productions, Dune Entertainment, Major Studio Partners, John US Productions

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Year: 2006


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